ThermAvant Technologies
Website Design + Development. Art Direction. Video Production.

  Joe Boswell, CEO and co-Founder of  ThermAvant Technologies .

Joe Boswell, CEO and co-Founder of ThermAvant Technologies.

Complete Website reDesign

ThermAvant's old website didn't do justice to their high-tech work. We fixed that.


ThermAvant's new website is:

  • Responsive to every screen size
  • Focused on a strong sales funnel
  • Puts capabilities front and center
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Optimized for search
  • Modern and dynamic

New, strategic branding

Branding and logo for ThermAvant Technologies | Hoot Design Co.

ThermAvant came to us with a logo that needed some updates and a red, blue, yellow and gray color palette. 

We updated ThermAvant's logotype, slightly adjusted their existing icon, and brightened their existing color palette for a clean, modern look. We chose a palette of brand fonts that are as progressive, dynamic, and solid as ThermAvant's process itself.


Art Direction:Making thermal technology beautiful


ThermAvant faced a challenge: how could they to show off their highly technical products in a way that was attractive and didn't breach any non-disclosure agreements with customers?

We art directed a shoot with Drew Piester to capture the detailed beauty of ThermAvant's oscillating heat pipe technology (not kidding: these things are actually incredibly beautiful) and show their manufacturing capabilities.


Dynamic Content Marketing:
ThermAvant video production


ThermAvant has two audiences: One is high-level engineers looking for custom-made thermal solutions for their products. The other is a household consumer of thermally-efficient thermoses, computer fans, and more. 

We needed to produce video content targeted to each of these audiences. We worked with Joe to create technical videos detailing the science behind oscillating heat pipe technology as well as more consumer-friendly videos speaking to ThermAvant's mission and philosophy.