The Strand Salon & Spa
Website Design + Development. Branding. Social Media Strategy.

  Christy and Mitchell, owners of  The Strand Salon & Spa .

Christy and Mitchell, owners of The Strand Salon & Spa.

Complete Website reDesign

The Strand hadn't been able to make simple changes on their website
for a decade. We fixed that.


The Strand's new website is:

  • Simple to edit thanks to its Squarespace backend
  • E-Commerce integrated
  • Responsive to every screen size
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Optimized for search
  • Reflective of The Strand's style and personality

New, strategic branding:
A breath of fresh air


The Strand came to us with a logo and a trend of using blue in the past. There was some major inconsistency in past Strand materials – from their print collateral to their online presence.

To blow out The Strand's brand, we sat down with owners Christy and Mitchell and talked about the strengths, point of difference, and intended audience for The Strand.

Then, we created a completely refreshed brand identity that was on-tone and on-message for the revamped Strand presence.


Targeted social media strategy:
Leveraging community connections


Despite the fact that anywhere from 82%–96% of businesses use social media, about a third are unsure if it's "working." WHAT?!

We created a new social media strategy for The Strand.

By featuring stylists, focusing on The Strand's long history of great service, and newly expanded offerings (manicure, anyone?) we've been able to bring The Strand's content to both longtime clients and a brand new audience as well.