The Strand Salon and Spa

We're proud to have done a full brand refresh for The Strand Salon & Spa in addition to redoing their website, taking on their  social media marketing, and launching their newsletter marketing campaigns.
Branding and identity design for The Strand Salon & Spa in Columbia, MO | Hoot Design Co. web design, advertising, social media marketing in Columbia, MO

For The Strand's new brand, we revamped their look and feel to reflect the modern, chic atmosphere the salon creates.

The Strand hadn't been able to make simple updates on their old website for years. Their site was built on a Wordpress backend – which proved too clunky, unintuitive, and difficult for their needs.

Instead, we created a new Squarespace website to show off their salon services, spa services, and team of experienced hair stylists in their amazing salon location here in Columbia, MO

We were then able to take time specifically to educate The Strand on using their new website, the practices we put into place, and the importance of staying on-brand in a full-day Hootcamp educational workshop we hosted in-house.

One of the most important features we created for The Strand's new website was a robust e-commerce section.

The Strand is now able to sell online gift certificates seamlessly, right from their website. 

Within the first six months of launching their new website, our e-commerce integration for The Strand allowed them to make over $10,000 in online gift certificate sales.

That's an incredible amount of simple, passive revenue that The Strand had no way to generate with their previous site. Squarespace's e-commerce backend is simple to set up, easy to manage, and included in our website design service packages.

→ Go check out The Strand's new branding and modern, updated website design on their Facebook page and website to see for yourself!

Our website design for The Strand Salon & Spa in action on their brand new website.

Highlighting The Strand's salon services on their new website.