The Hatchery
Total Brand. Website & Design Advisory.

Total Brand Development


We are OBSESSED with the Hatchery's whole business. Bringing co-working to Columbia, this biz is all about allowing women with kids to build up their professional businesses in an affordable place. PLUS they have childcare available while mom's at work. 

We built The Hatchery's brand from the ground up. Combining strong language and unique iconography, their brand is truly here to conquer. 

By creating multiple logo, font, and pattern options, The Hatchery has a toolbox of materials to use on any platform they need new content for. 



Brand for The Hatchery in Columbia, MO | Hoot Design Co.


Empowered Design Skills

By using the tools & skills learned in our Build a Site in a Day class, The Hatchery  is able to design their own social media marketing materials - without our help!



Website Advisory

Amanda, The Hatchery's owner and total lady boss, built her website during our Build a Site in a Day class. Along with our coaching, she was able to customize her website from top to bottom. 

Squarespace website design and development for The Hatchery in Columbia, MO

The Hatchery's website is:

  • Responsive on multiple platforms
  • 100% on-brand
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Optimized for search
  • Easily editable for the owner
  • As versatile as The Hatchery itself!

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