Bold Academy
Total Branding. Website Design + Development. Original Name Development.

Total Branding


Brand Vision Board

In order to identity a new brand's identity, a vision board is crucial.

By combining modern feminine tones, textures, and some seriously cool girls (hey, Gina Rodriguez!) - this board propelled the BOLD Academy's brand in the right direction.


Brand Snapshot

As part of our pitch, we created a quick "snapshot" board to show what BOLD Academy's logo and brand would look like in action.

In this phase, we developed phrases and layouts to capture BOLD Academy's brand, voice, patterns, and layout styles in one glance.

The slogans The BOLD Standard and Reach Higher, Go Further, Lead Stronger both communicate the standard of excellence and empowerment BOLD Academy aims to inspire in its graduates.

Final Brand Board

BOLD Academy's final brand board combines deep and pastel hues, geometric patterns, and a versatile collection of logos to bring this brand to life.

The BOLD Academy isn't your typical summer camp. This truly unique brand that will make the Academy's voice and identity stand out from the rest. 



Original Name Creation

The original name of BOLD Academy was a long, confusing acronym - and we wanted to fix that.

We crafted BOLD Academy's name to stand for exactly what the academy itself stands for: Black & Brown Opportunity, Leadership & Development.

This catchy and memorable name communicates the goal of the program in a succinct and powerful way. It also makes it clear that by pairing these girls up with mentors and the Academy's skills they will be prepared to confidently take on the world. 👊🏽

Logo design for BOLD Academy in Columbia, MO | Hoot Design Co.
Logo design and name creation for BOLD Academy | Hoot Design Co.



We created a site that was not only super informative, but easy to navigate and beautifully designed, as well. Our intuitive design leads the viewer on a journey through BOLD Academy's story, vision, team, and application process. Strategic call-to-actions are positioned throughout the site to encourage application submissions and involvement in the Academy. 

  • Branded & beautiful to communicate BOLD Academy's mission
  • Responsive to every screen size
  • Focused on needs of potential applicants and mentors
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Organized with a clear, coherent action funnel – let's get girls and mentors signed up!

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