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SPACE lab: Experience a Day in the Life of a Creative Professional

Calling All Creative Students!

Do you have an artistic streak? A passion for writing? A love of all things social media?

Come find out what a career in a creative field is like!

If you're a student in the Columbia, MO area, come hang with our staff of creative ballers by applying for a spot in SPACE Lab: Shadowing Program in Artistic Careers and Entrepreneurship. You'll get to experience what a real-life creative office is like, tackle real-world challenges in the career path of your choice, and have a chance to ask real professionals questions about your future options.

Interested? Learn more and apply below to reserve your spot.


What It Is:

SPACE Lab is a chance for students to learn about life in a creative career—and explore the path to get you there.

Visit HDco and get the opportunity to experience life at a creative agency and try your hand at a real-life creative challenge you'd face in your future career path.


Who It Is For:

Are you a student into drawing, painting, creative writing or tinkering around with code? Are you fascinated by colors and fonts?

Your talents and interests don't have to be just hobbies—they can be a career!

SPACE Lab gives you a glimpse into what a creative career really looks like. It's a great chance to explore future opportunities!



Which Mission Will You Choose?



What to Expect When You Choose Your Mission

Each mission comes with a special challenge.

You'll be put to work doing real work that you'd encounter in the professional world—exciting!

Get prepared for your SPACE Lab day and special mission with the slideshow below.



Important Things to Know


When you sign up to blast off on a SPACE Lab adventure, you can expect a few things—and we'll expect a few things from you. Be prepared!

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  • Clear your schedule. SPACE Lab is a half-day-long program. Make sure you schedule a day you have available—like a half-day or full-day off of school.

  • Bring your own laptop. If you don't own a laptop, let us know in advance to find a solution.

  • Be prepared to work! This is a real workplace, and you'll get the full experience—and that means tackling real tasks you might face in an advertising career.

  • Be ready to look and act like a professional. Use your SPACE Lab day as a chance to practice your professional skills—that includes wearing professional attire and practicing professional conduct, especially if we have clients in the studio!

  • Ask us questions. You've got a rare chance to get insight on your future from a room full of professionals who are all ready to help. Don't be shy!



Sign Up for Space Lab!