Site in a Day Workshop

Build it. Own it. At the HDco Site in a Day Workshop.

Get your website up and running in just one day with a team of pros.


your website is your brand experience.

Think you're ready to build your site in just one day? Let's do this!


Is Site in a Day the Right Choice for You?

This one on one experience gets your pro website up and running in one day and gives you the know-how to manage your site on your own. But it's not perfect for everyone.

Site in a Day is a perfect choice for you if:

  • You want your website to be professional but don't have the budget for from-scratch professional copywriting and design
  • You need to be able to know how to edit your site on your own
  • You're excited to write your own content, organize your own photos, complete 10-12 hours of extensive prep work and aren't worried about rolling up your sleeves and putting in some elbow grease
  • You're ready to make decisions now and polish to perfection later

Pssst... if you'd rather sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting, you might be a better fit for a different HDco web design package.

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What Do Site in a Day Websites Look Like?

One word: spectacularThese ballers now have the power to manage their site all on their own. Will you be next? Get in touch.

Kelly Howe Coaching

Kelly's goals for Site in a Day were the same as her goals for her business: a stress-free experience and controlled solutions. Managing her site is a breeze, which means she can focus on what really matters: her clients. 

Check out Kelly's stress-free site.

Meriwether Cafe & Bike Shop

This trail-side oasis is always on top of trends, which means their amazing menu and imagery changes often. Now that they're Squarespace pros, change is no sweat.

Check out Meriwether's site.

Premium Pets

Brittany has always been passionate about the care and nutrition of pets. Now she has the chance to talk to pet owners about safe products in her own words through her blog, which she can update anytime she wants.

Visit the Premium Pets website.



What to Expect

Together, we'll build and launch your site in one day—but you'll have to put in work beforehand!

What to expect when you sign up for Site in a Day:

  1. Get started! After you sign, we'll set a date on the calendar together.
  2. Brand: We will either create your brand via a branding service or verify that your existing brand is ready to go.
  3. Sitemap: We'll create a sitemap for your new site and send it to you to get started.
  4. Homework (creating your content): You will complete your homework. Your homework includes writing all content and organizing all of your images, as well as reserving your domain name (we recommend Google Domains) and preparing all of your financial needs beforehand.
  5. Check-in prep meeting: A few days ahead of time, we will meet together for a 90 minute check-in to go over what you've created so far. We'll give you revisions and pointers on improving your content before the big day. If you don't have your homework ready to go by this check-in, your Site in a Day workshop date will be postponed to the next available date in our calendar.
  6. The big day: You'll arrive for a one-on-one daylong workshop in our studio at 9am. We'll start with your site settings and structure, then move on to creating your pages, and inputting your written content and images. Together we'll create all forms and integrate the apps you need. We'll have lunch at 12pm, then you'll get one hour of pro copywriting consultation right after. The last few hours you'll spend putting the finishing touches on your site. Then, it's time to finally launch your website! After you're live, we'll all celebrate with champagne and laughs.
  7. Follow-up: All Site in a Day Workshops come with 1 hour of free post-launch troubleshooting assistance. We're here to help!



The 3 Essentials

Remember, there are three things absolutely essential to making your workshop successful.




Site in a Day starts at $1,950

Interested? We can't wait. Discover how to jump-start your brand experience today.



Site in a Day F.A.Q.s

What does "full brand" mean?

These assets are required to make your brand experience the best it can be:

  • Logo and sub-logo (a different orientation of your logo or perhaps your logo broken apart)
  • At least three different fonts
  • A color palette of at least five colors
  • Icons or illustrations
  • Patterns and textures are bonuses! These help create depth and people connect to imagery the best.


What is the prep work?

Once you sign up for the workshop, we will send you everything you need in order to prepare. All you have to do is fill it out! Expect the homework to take 10-12 hours total.

Your homework includes things like:

  • Downsizing, editing, organizing, and naming all pictures you want on your website 
  • Writing every single page on your own (in typed format)
  • Organizing the information you want to collect in contact forms or other forms
  • Bringing all login information for social media accounts
  • Coming prepared with all research necessary to connect third-party apps like online booking services
  • Knowing your goals for your site and your company
  • Descriptions of your services and products in your own words
  • + more! 

It's VERY important to have all of the prep work completed before your big day. If you don't have your homework prepared, you won't be able to create a website that's ready to launch.