Professional Brand Board Creation


Professional Brand Board Creation


Your logo isn't your brand. It's only the title on your brand story. 

When you purchase our brand board, we supply you with the following:

  1. Sub logo
  2. Color palette with color code information
  3. Recommended font palette
  4. Textures and/or patterns
  5. Image treatment recommendations
  6. All files sent in editable file format
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Why do I need a brand board?

To create a story, we need more than one image.

Have you tried to create a cover image for your Facebook page and you don't know your brand color palette or what fonts to use? With our brand board, we consult with you to discover your dream client and overall objectives for your brand. We then build a group of assets that communicates to your dream client and brings them to your door.

Our background is in production.

With years of experience in producing graphics for print and web, we know how frustrating it is to have one lone, crusty JPG for your business logo. That's not right. When we build a brand board, we supply you with all the assets you need to create future graphics, wearables, social media profiles or print collateral. 

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What do well-branded and strategic graphics look like?

When you have a brand board, your entire team is on the same page. From social media to your website to print, the same fonts, color palette and image treatment create the KNOW/LIKE/TRUST your customers are looking for.