Poppy Made by Hand
Website Design + Development. Branding. Print Design. Video Production. Art Direction. Social Media Marketing.

  Liz Tucker, owner of  Poppy Made By Hand

Liz Tucker, owner of Poppy Made By Hand

Complete Website reDesign

Poppy's old website didn't fit their brand OR meet their needs (like e-commerce). We fixed that.


The new Poppy website is:

  • E-commerce ready!
  • 100% on-brand
  • Reflective of Poppy's in-store experience
  • Responsive to every screen size
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Optimized for search
  • As unique and unexpected as Poppy itself!

New, strategic branding:
A modern take on handmade

Brand board for Poppy Made By Hand | Hoot Design Co.

Poppy came to us with a brand that had been around for 20 years, but no longer fit the vibe or mission of the store. Poppy has really evolved since the first day the store opened its doors. 

To blow out the new Poppy brand, we sat down with Poppy owner Liz Tucker to outline her new vision for Poppy's modern take on handmade. We used fun patterns, hand-drawn typefaces, and bold combinations of black and white to create a trendy, current look to match the in-store Poppy experience.


Limited edition e-commerce:
Poppy Collections


Each week, we work with Poppy to offer up fresh, limited edition collections of 10-12 pieces curated by Liz herself. We implemented a streamlined e-commerce process that allows us to work with Liz to get each unique collection up on a tight timeline.


Print + Packaging Design


We love having the opportunity to create print and package design for Poppy on a regular basis. 


Video Production + Marketing


We produced, edited, and marketed videos for Poppy to announce the launch of their new site and explain how their new Collections feature works.