Step 2: Perfect Your Brand

Become irresistible with a brand that attracts customers like a magnet.

You can't attract an audience of diehard fans if you come across like store-bought vanilla.

After you Know Your Worth, it's time to nail a brand identity (your look) and a brand voice (your language) that will make customers want to buy.


What it means to Perfect Your Brand


After you Perfect Your Brand, you'll be able to represent your business with a style that immediately connects with your audience.

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In the second step of the 4-step journey to brand success, you'll nail down a look and communication style that's instantly recognizable. Here's how.



Visual Brand Identity

Make your business unmistakable with an original logo and brand

Immediately turn heads with a full brand identity that draws customers in via web, social, print, and more

Become irrisistible by tailoring your look to your customers' needs


Copywriting Guide

Make customers listen by communicating with a voice that sticks

Write like you sound with tips targeted to your team (no more vanilla!)

Get messaging styles that stick by combining your customers' needs with your brand voice


Start hitting the mark with your customers.


After you Perfect Your Brand...

  • You'll have a look that truly represents what you stand for.

  • You'll be able to communicate in one voice (and stop sounding so vanilla).

  • You'll stand out from the competition for the reasons that matter.

  • You'll shape customers' perception from the get-go.

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[Hoot Design Co.] built a fantastic brand for me that reflects my values and represents my business perfectly. With out their help my business launch would be weeks behind schedule.

★★★★★ — Tim McVey, Mission Digital Marketing



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