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Pelican Golf Club: Giving Old-World Excellence a Modern Makeover

A luxurious brand voice and identity is allowing this Tampa-based golf club to soar to great heights.


Design Based in Decadence


For an exciting new brand that would appeal to the upper echelons of society, we had to create something outstanding.

The first step was to brainstorm imaginative concepts, and then get original illustrations to bring those concepts to life.

The final result was a combination of rich textures with aquatic colors and patterns, which helped shape a look that fit perfectly with the club’s vision.


Bringing Color and Style to the Pelican

A one-of-a-kind club needs one-of-a-kind illustrations.

We met the challenge head-on and reached out to Elen Winata, a Singapore-based illustrator who has worked with high-profile companies like Starbucks, Google, and AirBnb. Elen's signature vibrant colors and clean lines fit perfectly with the Pelican brand to make these illustrations unforgettable.  



Luxury, Defined


After creating a beautiful visual brand, the Pelican needed to define its brand voice.

Using HDco’s Know Your Worth and Speak for Yourself packages, the club not only understood who it was speaking to, but also how to speak to them effectively. Now, Pelican Golf Club will have no trouble reaching its future members directly and in its brand voice.

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp 2.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 6.02.29 PM.png

The Smallest Details Make the Biggest Difference


Crafting a brand is about so much more than coming up with a logo.

Pelican Golf Club wants its members to immerse themselves in an unmatched brand experience, so it reached out to HDco to create a few thoughtful gifts.

Brands should permeate all of your senses, and HDco created items that would make interacting with the Pelican a sensory experience. Members can now smell the Pelican with luxurious candles scented with ylang ylang and lemongrass. They can feel and hear the brand with colorful, coated conversation cards to spark up a dialogue with a fellow member. And they can move through the grandeur of the Pelican’s grounds with the help of an enticing brochure.

Such small favors go a long way for a well-crafted brand experience.


Collaboration to Defy Expectations


With all of these elements–a visual and verbal brand, complete with gifts fit for the elite members of the golf club–the Pelican now has a
cohesive brand to showcase
its excellence.

Pelican Golf Club allowed HDco to be its right-hand man when it came to crafting brand experiences for its members. The club’s guiding principles of Sophisticated, Luxurious, and Thoughtfulness inspired everything HDco created for Pelican from logos to candles, and now the club can make its members’ wildest dreams come true.


Now it's your turn to grow.

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