Nona Birth Education & Counseling
Website Design + Development. Branding. Illustration. Publication Design. Content Marketing. Social Media Strategy.


Complete Website reDesign

Nona's old website was dated. We fixed that.


The new Nona website is:

  • Responsive to every screen size
  • Home to a robust educational library
  • Content-rich and informative
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Optimized for search
  • Modern and welcoming

Nona Branding

Brand development for Nona Birth Education & Counseling | Hoot Design Co.

Nona came to us with an existing logo and a clear vision. Erica wanted revamped branding that reflected her empowerment-focused philosophy and inclusive attitude. Additionally, the brand needed to feel welcoming to prospective doulas, counseling clients, and postpartum families – in other words, not centered around a traditional "baby" look.

To blow out the Nona Birth Education & Counseling brand, we sat down with Nona owner Erica Kroll and talked about the strengths, point of difference, and intended audience for Nona.

Then, we created a completely refreshed brand identity that was on-tone and on-message for the clients and students Erica sought to attract and true to the Nona Birth philosophy.


Publication Design:
The Nona Manual


Nona Birth offers many classes and educational workshops for parents-to-be and doulas alike. We worked with Erica to design a series of on-brand manuals for these sessions. The result? Beautiful, branded materials that convey the Nona philosophy not just in words, but in their look and feel as well.

Print design for Nona Birth Education & Counseling | Hoot Design Co.

Original Illustration


As part of Nona Birth's manual design and social media strategy, we created a series of original illustrations centered around prenatal yoga and delivery positions. These on-brand, original illustrations are incredibly versatile and will be able to be used and reused for years to come.


Targeted Social Media Strategy:
Showcase Nona's Philosophy


Despite the fact that anywhere from 82%–96% of businesses use social media, about a third are unsure if it's "working." WHAT?!

We took a strategic approach to social media for Nona Birth Education & Counseling.

By taking a goal-oriented approach to social media, we've revitalized Nona's social presence to reinforce Nona's philosophy and attract parents-to-be as well as prospective doulas.