Brand Messaging and Naming Strategies

Your words create reality—so make sure you're using the right ones.

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Branding goes beyond visual design. To create a truly comprehensive brand, your words matter.

You have a unique story and offerings. Let's find the name and language to express that—and the messaging to make it stick.


How your messaging process works

1. Step One: Discovery Meeting + Creative Brief
Brand Naming and Messaging in Columbia, MO | Hoot Design co.

Just like a visual brand creative brief, we need to get information about your company up front by asking questions

What are your goals for your business? Which customers do you wish you could work with more often? Why did you get started in your business? What are your values?

Once you sign off on your Creative Brief in writing, it's time to move on to step two.


2. Step Two: Voice Balance

Knowing what you're not can be just as helpful as knowing what you are. Let's get the balance of your voice just right with a set of sliding inspiration bars. Is your voice 30% traditional, 70% cutting edge? Conversational or exclusive? 

After you sign off on your Voice Balance Inspiration, we'll move on to step three.

3. Step Three: Key Guiding Principles

Next, you'll discover your three key guiding principles. These three terms are the foundation of your brand voice + messaging strategies.

You'll give your sign off on your Three Guiding Principles and get ready to see it all come together and learn how to put your brand voice and messaging in action.

4. Step Four: Actionable, Comprehensive Voice + Messaging Guide
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Ready to see it all come together?

It's time to see your Voice Balance and Guiding Principles come together into a Comprehensive Voice + Messaging Guide. In this guide you'll get actionable strategies to carry your values throughout your messaging.

5. Step Five: Transformation

Within your Comprehensive Voice + Messaging Guide, you'll have the opportunity to see your new strategies in action when we implement a dramatic transformation within piece of your existing content.


Ready to get your business talking?