Step 1: Know Your Worth

Before we revolutionize your brand, you need strategy.

With the Brand Messaging Manual, you’ll have a clear direction for everything from your website to your company culture.


How Matt Uhrig used the Brand Messaging Manual:

Matt Uhrig is a personal injury and workers’ comp attorney in mid-Missouri. His service is high-investment and just as high-quality, but he didn’t want to blend into the clutter of loud billboard ads that plague his industry. This in-depth brand positioning document made his unique selling proposition a reality.


Know your audience.

We create a dream client profile to help you understand who needs your services and where you can find them. With a set of demographics, goals, and values, you’ll feel like already met your dream client—and they can’t wait to interact with your brand.

Sell their transformation.

Be a brand that talks directly to your customer, every time. With a transformational narrative, this document shows you how to center your messaging around your customer’s primary concern: their personal growth.


Get original messaging.

The best part? You get original messaging that’s ready to be implemented on your website, print pieces, or spoken aloud the moment you get this document.


What changes when you finally know your worth? Everything.


7 leads in 6 days

from his first Facebook ad run.


135% click rate increase

from Google since launching his new website.


33% conversion rate

on his contact page’s call to action.


Let’s see success like this for your business.