Step 1: Know Your Worth

Get a Brand Messaging Manual to craft sales pitches that work.

What value do you offer? What's the true worth of what you provide?

With a Brand Messaging Manual, you’ll understand who you're speaking to and clarify your message to speak to them naturally.

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Your Brand Messaging Manual plays out in three parts:



Who are you talking to?

• Delve into your dream customer’s motivation, context, and intent so you can target them strategically.

• Gain an understanding of your dream customer as if you’ve known them forever.

• Learn actionable marketing tips to reach your dream customer.


How do you fit into their story?

• Map out the transformation narrative you can use to take your dream customer on a journey with you.

• Make your dream customer, not your business, the hero of your brand story.

• Guide your dream customer’s transformation.


How do you communicate your value?

Capture a customer’s attention, energize your team, and convey your values.

• Pinpoint short phrases to motivate both your dream customer and your internal team.

Concisely convey what your business is all about.


What changes when you finally Know Your Worth? Everything.


You'll be able to speak to your customers so they'll listen.

You'll finally know how to spend your marketing dollars to make an impact.

You'll have the tools to make smart sales pitches at your fingertips.

And did we mention? You'll have a blast along the way!

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Working with Kristen and the women of HDco is like working with group of your most clever, creative, organized and intelligent friends. I cannot say enough good things about working with Hoot Design Co.

★★★★★ — Liz Tucker, Poppy Made By Hand



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