Johnston Paint & Decorating

The Challenge: Bringing a 90-Year Old Brand Back to Life.

Branding • Website Design • Advertising Campaign • Content Marketing


Branded to Attract the Dream Client

With over 90 years of experience in the biz, Johnston Paint & Decorating has an incredibly compelling and rich history.

But Johnston's was lacking a brand that matched their gorgeous storeroom and high quality service.

The in-store experience at Johnston Paint & Decorating is best in class—from their gorgeous storeroom to their friendly, helpful staff. Now their brand truly reflects that.
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Original Photography Highlights the Best

Johnston's can bring together the elements of an interior in a way few others can.

Original photography lets Johnston's designs steal the show.


Telling the Story of Johnston's Rich History

As their agency, we were able to come in with fresh sets of eyes and help them tell their story.

Our content marketing and website branding has reflected this storytelling technique and established them as not only a leader in Columbia, but in the entire state of Missouri as well.

Johnston's strong brand raises the professional bar for family-owned paint and decorating businesses everywhere.


Digital Strategy that Reaches the Everyday Consumer

Through messaging, on brand new social channels, and a totally revamped website, we were able to reach their everyday consumer in more ways than ever before.

By using specific calls-to-action and eye-catching design, we’re able to drive website traffic through Facebook advertisements.


Print Advertising + House Editorials

Paint, flooring, wallpaper, and window treatments all lend themselves to print advertising—and we take advantage of that fact.

Beyond creating dozens of Johnston's ads for print publications, we wrote and produced original features for Gallon Creative magazine.


A Website that Feels Like the Real Thing

The Johnston Paint & Decorating store has an unmistakable feel. We wanted to recreate that feeling online—and we did.

Visiting Johnston's website feels like you're visiting their store. That's the power of a strong brand.


Johnston's brand refresh, website, and marketing were just what the doctor ordered.

The 95 year old brand has a fresh burst of energy while staying true to Johnston's roots.

Could your brand use a fresh coat of paint?

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