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Johnston Paint & Decorating



Bring a nearly century-old brand back to life with a fresh coat of paint—and a few other strategies. Johnston Paint & Decorating has an incredibly compelling and rich history, but they were lacking a brand that matched their gorgeous storeroom and high quality service. They needed to give their customers an online experience that matched the personalized in-store experience.


As their agency, we were able to come in with fresh sets of eyes and help them tell their story. With services like content marketing, digital strategy, branding, website design, and original photography, we were able to craft an effective brand story that would move their customers to action. Now, not only can family-owned Johnston’s compete with their competitors, they can beat them.


The in-store experience at Johnston Paint & Decorating is best in class—matched only by their beautiful, branded website. Not only does their website drive more sales, Johnston’s is able to reach their everyday customers in more ways than ever before through digital, print, and social platforms. This historic brand now has a fresh burst of energy that stays true to their roots.