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DEX wanted to create an in-house coffee shop for employees to enjoy coffee, pastries, and tea while they catch up with coworkers or even have a meeting outside the boardroom. Here's where we come in! 


1. Name

We crafted the name "DEXpresso" – combining the company's name with some java lingo for a punn-y, memorable title.

2. Brand Vision Board

We started the branding process by creating a brand vision board for the new DEXpresso coffee cafe.

Creating a vision board like this helps us capture the essence of the brand we want to create and make sure we're on the same page with the client.

 The intial brand vision board for DEXpresso coffee cafe

The intial brand vision board for DEXpresso coffee cafe


3. Custom logo

Next, we turned DEXpresso's brand vision board into logo concepts for DEX to choose from. 

The final logo we ended up creating captures the energy and enthusiasm the café embraces.

Thanks to the bright red star burst behind our custom-illustrated coffee cup, this logo embodies that burst of energy you can find in a nice cuppa joe.

Bright colors and bold typography round the whole design off. 


4. Final brand board

Finally, we put all of our elements together to finalize the DEXpresso brand in one quick glimpse – its final brand board.

The DEXpresso brand matches DEX's internal brand, but the bold patterns and fun phrases give DEXpresso a fun, energetic pop.

Branding in Columbia, MO – DEXPRESSO final brand board | Hoot Design Co.


Slogan Creation

Using printing puns and snappy language, these quotes give the brand a voice and help bring DEXpresso to life.



Physical Material Design

DEXpresso's physical atmosphere was built around the brand we created.

The colors and touch points really infuse the brand into the café's space while creating a warm and fresh vibe for everyone in the DEX family to enjoy. 

DEX successfully infused all the elements of the new DEXpresso brand into the café's interior design – making the DEXpresso brand a truly comprehensive and interactive experience.

Dexpresso branding in action! Brand by Hoot Design Co.

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