Dex Imaging
Branding Refresh. Internal Newsletter Marketing. Internal Website. Infographic Creation.

Brand Expansion


DEX Imaging set out to carve a new space for their company culture to thrive - but they needed our help!

We created an internal brand for DEX that's a fun expansion of their original brand. Our new color palette, typography pairings, and image styles ensures the brand DEX's staff interacts with matches the company's thriving internal culture.

Our final brand board for DEX Imaging

Our final brand board for DEX Imaging


Our new color palette incorporates a wide variety of hues that balance fun, bright colors with more professional, serious tones. The funky patterns create an additional rhythm and energy that add an additional dimension to the brand that colors alone cannot achieve.  



Internal Newsletter Marketing

Sometimes, mass emails just don't cut it.

DEX decided to take it a few steps further and craft personalized internal newsletters to keep their employees in-the-loop and informed on everything the company is up to. 

DEX is genuinely invested in a company culture that is second to none. We were able to help them communicate this to their employees through a series of well-designed newsletters that featured new developments and acquisitions, employee spotlights, updates on the sports teams they sponsor, and more!



Internal Website Design + Development

Now, DEX needed a website to house this awesome, new brand.

Living the "DEXperience" is all about being in the know and being actively engaged in your company. This website is packed full of useful tools for DEX employees: from health and wellness tips, to branch updates, and more!

Website design for small businesses in Columbia, MO: DEX imaging website by Hoot Design Co.

DEX's brand new Squarespace website is:

  • Branded & beautiful
  • Responsive to every screen size
  • Focused on employees' needs
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Easily editable by the client
  • Password protected - only allowing employee access

Infographic Creation


DEX is on the up and up, and after 15 years, that's something to be proud of.

Our branded infographic illustrates their massive expansion - celebrating their successes in a powerful, visual manner.

Brand infographic for DEX imaging by Hoot Design Co

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