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The Challenge: Bringing a Strong Company Culture Online—And Providing Support at a Moment's Notice

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The DEXperience:
More than Just Emails

DEX’s sole initial request was an internal newsletter to keep their staff in the loop.

We delivered—and then went above and beyond.

Considering they have over 1,500 employees in 6 states, we identified that DEX needed more than just a newsletter: they needed an internal site to house this content forever.

This is the DEXperience: a high-performing platform with tools and information to keep the whole team in the loop.

With our content-forward approach to company culture, we increased DEX's newsletter interactions and opens by 58% in six months.

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Adaptable & Nimble

Because we have worked so closely with DEX, we know them very well, and we are able to react quickly to their requests.

This brand has become malleable and swift due to our strong partnership.

From print ads to sales presentations, our close relationship with DEX representatives has allowed us all to seamlessly work together under tight deadlines.


Living IRL, Too

DEX wanted to create an in-house coffee shop for employees to enjoy coffee, pastries, and tea while they catch up with co-workers or even have a meeting outside the board room.

We created DEXpresso—a punn-y, memorable brand to be housed in the DEX headquarters.

Our custom logo work lives on print collateral, wall art, and branded in-shop materials to create a warm and fresh vibe for the whole company to enjoy.

Our slogan creation used printing puns and snappy language to give the brand a voice and bring DEXpresso to life.


DEX's Results

Internal engagement has increased quarter-over-quarter thanks to DEXperience.

DEX employees continue to engage with DEX's internal content more as each quarter progresses. Newsletter opens and clickthrough rates are up, and DEXpresso is bustling. We'd say that DEX Imaging's results are the very image of success.

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