Columbia Farmers Market
Advertising Strategy + Campaign. Original Photography. Social Media Marketing.

Advertising Strategy and Campaign


The Columbia Farmers Market is an iconic piece of Mid-Missouri - delivering fresh produce directly to consumers straight from the farm.

Our advertising campaign used strong strategy to communicate the Market's impact on the community - to the community.


1. Meet Me at the Farmers Market

The "Meet Me at the Farmers Market" billboard campaign emphasizes that the Market is a collective community effort. It's an event to enjoy with your family and friends - bringing together all corners of the town.


2. Local Means

The "Local Means" print campaign communicates that the Market is a mutually beneficial system. The consumers receive health and economic benefits, while the farmers are able to grow their businesses and local economies. 



Original Photography

We teamed up with Drew Piester to create a collection of stylized photographs to use in several elements of the campaign. These photos encapsulate the eclectic, family-centric vibes of the Columbia Farmers Market while providing a look inside a Saturday morning in CoMo. 


Social Media Marketing 


Combining strategy, photography, design, & powerful copy we created shareable, useful social media content for the Farmers Market to use on all social media platforms.

Our clever language and use of statistics really makes these posts stand out from all the Internet clutter. 😉 These graphics are suitable for both Facebook and Instagram, two platforms CFM embraces to connect with the community.


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