Coley’s, located in the heart of downtown Columbia, MO, offers a comfortable yet classy destination for anything from cocktails to unique entrees, and they needed to look the part. They wanted a brand that felt like a true reflection of their restaurant experience, and an online presence with tools they can manage.


We designed a brand that is welcoming yet still upholds Coley’s elegance. A new logo and understated patterns were what this restaurant needed for a total refresh. Plus, their website is now beautifully branded, easy to use, and features mouthwatering original photography. Best of all, it’s easy for Coley’s to make edits, thanks to the user-friendliness of their Squarespace template.


Coley’s now is the premier destination for anyone wanting a wonderful meal with great company. It’s easy to make a reservation on the website, and the new brand excites their customers’ minds as much as their food does their customers’ taste buds.