Build This Town Campaign for the Agriculture Park

The Challenge: Raising Millions of Dollars + Building Statewide Awareness

Naming • Branding • Messaging • Copywriting • Advertising Campaign • Website Design • Digital Strategy


From a Campaign to a Movement

The Columbia Parks & Rec Coalition came to us with a project—a new capital campaign to build the first agriculture park of its kind in the state—and we built them a campaign.

We knew that they needed more than a descriptive name, they needed a rallying cry.

Build This Town” is an anthem and by supporting it with original photography and branding, we developed a brand that inspires action.

In order to craft a campaign that touches each part of the community in a unique way, we created an expansive, region-wide movement that is changing thousands of lives.


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Advertising campaign for Build This Town by Hoot Design Co.

Targeted to Dream Donors

Build This Town faced the challenge of attracting different types of donors—from grassroots community supporters who give a few dollars all the way up to organizations who’d pledge hundreds of thousands of dollars.

By creating dream donor avatars, doing market research, and exploring the inner workings of these individuals' minds, we created different avenues to target different donors.


Print campaigns for Build This Town

Print campaigns for Build This Town


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Marketing to Generate and Maintain Momentum

The campaign has monetarily already outpaced initial expectations—already exceeding $3.75 million as of April 2019.

With an eventual goal of $7.5 million, there’s still work to be done, but our strategy is sustainable.

We built a strategic marketing plan featuring blog posts, events, mass emails, and targeted social media posts; our campaign is built to last.



A Campaign You Can't Ignore

Original photography lets Build This Town promote its people-first message by putting Columbians at the forefront.

The campaign's images are coherent and stylized thanks to unmistakable duotones and strong art direction.


A Website that Drives Donations

To ensure potential supporters stay on your website for longer than 30 seconds, it needs to be interactive, easy to navigate, and informative. We did that.

Build This Town's website takes the reader on a journey using prose and powerful imagery.

And every step of that journey leads the user toward taking an action—whether that's making a donation, becoming a volunteer, or sharing info about the campaign with a friend, the Build This Town website funnels users toward doing.

A Strategy that Gets Results

So far, Build This Town has raised over $2.5 million of its $4 million goal. That's progress.

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