Build This Town Campaign for the Agriculture Park
Total Brand. Website. Photography. Content Writing. Advertising Campaign.

Complete Brand Development

Logo design for the Build this Town Campaign for the Agriculture Park in Columbia, MO | Hoot Design Co.

Build this Town needed their visual identity to match the earth-friendly mission they were working toward. Their look needed to appeal to the Columbia community as a whole - but specifically those who may be interested in getting involved. 

Our earthy and bubbly color scheme is both kid and adult friendly - while establishing an iconic, unique look that would distinguish this campaign from the rest. 

Brand board for the Build this Town Campaign for the Agriculture Park in Columbia, MO | Hoot Design Co.


Original Photography

Having their own photographs empowered Build This Town to promote its people-first message by putting Columbians at the forefront of their brand. 


By using visually appealing duotones and strong art direction, the images are coherent and stylized. The Agriculture Park is strongly targeted to future consumers and will feature plenty of kid-friendly activities - hence why children are a primary focus of our photos. 



Web Design + Development


Build this Town's website is all about inspiring action.

We structured Build this Town's website in a narrative format to show impact that the community can have through donations, pledges, and advocacy. Beautiful mockups and language allow patrons to imagine the benefits that the Agriculture Park will provide for the whole community.This Town's mission.

Web design Columbia, MO – Build this Town | Hoot Design Co.

Build this Town's brand new Squarespace website is:

  • Branded & beautiful to attract the right clients
  • Responsive to every screen size
  • Focused on campaign and customers' needs
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Optimized for search
  • Organized with a clear, coherent fundraising objective


Content Writing

Our content marketing is targeted to grow the campaign through awareness and fundraising call-to-actions.

We created informational brochures and fact sheets to simply and effectively inform potential donors and supporters about Build This Town. Strong language and immediate calls-to-action effectively engage the community in a collective effort.

It’s time to grow our community healthier and stronger. It’s time to invest in making nutritious, local produce available to all - across all income levels, neighborhoods, and backgrounds.


Advertising Campaign


Our postcards and posters bring Build This Town directly into the homes, workplaces, and community spaces of Columbia citizens. They succinctly and effectively communicate the campaign's message. 


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