Visual Branding + Logo Design

Your brand is the feeling you give your customers, not just a logo.


That starts with a solid brand strategy. Let's define your dream customer, your narrative, your look, and your goals to inform branding that can go the distance. 

Together, we'll create an awesome visual brand you can be proud of – and take straight to the bank.



How your visual branding project works

1. Step One: Discovery Meeting + Creative Brief
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Let's get off to a strong start. It's time to get as MUCH information about your biz as we can to start crafting a strategic brand.

That means asking questions. What are your goals for your business? Which customers do you wish you could work with more often? Why did you get started in your business? What are your values?

Think of this session as one part therapy, one part brainstorm, and one part party! We're going to celebrate your vision for the future – and come out with a solid GAME PLAN to guide your brand.

Once you sign off on your Creative Brief in writing, it's time to move on to step two.

2. Step Two: Brand Vision Board

It's time to translate your ideas into a vision!

After working together to get ALL the details of your biz and brand goals outlined in your Creative Brief, it's time to transform those words into pictures – by creating your Brand Vision Board

Your Brand Vision Board is a visual representation of how we'll bring your brand to life.

By pulling together this collection of colors, images, typography, and textures, our goal is to capture the FEELING you want your brand to evoke.

In the next step, we'll be using this Vision Board to guide ALL your designs – so getting this nailed down is an important step.

After you approve your Vision Board in writing, it's time to move onto your design concepts.

3. Step Three: Concepts

Now it's time for your brand to come to life.

When you receive your concepts, you'll get a minimum of three concepts – with logo design, color palette, typography, patterns, and styling drawn directly from your Vision Board.

Each option represents a different direction your brand can take. You'll choose one option to move forward with in the next step.

Additionally, this is the first chance you'll get to check out our suggested phrases and tag lines to capture your brand. For example, the BOLD Academy got to choose between:

  • Reach higher, go further, lead stronger
  • Option 1: Be BOLD, Girl
  • Option 2: The BOLD Standard
  • Option 3: Go for BOLD.

4. Step Four: Revisions + Final Choice!

After choosing how to move forward, it's time for revisions! You'll get up to 3 rounds of revisions to perfect your logo and brand.

5. Step Five: Brand Board

After approval of your final logo concept, we create your final Brand Board.

Your final Brand Board will include your brand colors, fonts, textures, patterns, and images styles. Using these final assets, you'll be able to have the flexibility you need to move forward to create while still staying on brand.

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6. Step Six: Home Base—Final File Export
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Here's the best part: Now that your brand is finalized, you get ALL your brand files.

After you give us final approval, we export all assets for you in every file format you could possibly want.

We upload all of your assets to a password-protected page called a Home Base. From there, you'll be able to access all of your brand assets from anywhere and share the page with people you trust (like a printer).

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