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Boss Jam
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Boss Jam will match you with a mastermind group. Kind of like match making, we’ll take what we know about the success of our mastermind group, and help you connect with others based on research and survey responses. During Boss Jam, you’ll connect with your group and start forming valuable connections with them and others throughout the day.




You’ll spend the day in 5-7 person break-out sessions “masterminding” topics like Instagram, Brand, Finances, Customer Service and more. You’lll troubleshoot your road-blocks, and get energized for what’s ahead.




Our mastermind group has been the linchpin to some of our biggest decisions over the last two years. We know how beneficial it is to have one, and we were passionate about facilitating that in our community. Let’s come together for a day of learning and growing on November 18th.

-Jesse, Kristen, Liz & Beth


Breakout Sessions

Choose Three Breakout Sessions

During these small group "mastermind" breakout sessions—we'll get down to YOUR business.
Take your pick of topics for an expert perspective on your challenges.

  1.  Financial Knowhow with Beth Snyder, owner of 1Canoe2

    Beth took a little Etsy shop side-hustle and turned it into a million dollar business. From an art major to a CEO in just a few short years, she learned a thing or two about her finances along the way. She's here to share her secrets with you so you're prepared to grow and sustain your business without getting an MBA.
  2. Management Mastery with Travis Tucker, owner of Bleu Events

    Travis started managing people in 1979 when he ran a bootlegging business out of his first grade classroom in Thayer, Missouri.
  3. Killer Instagram Secrets with Jesse Bodine, owner of Scout & Nimble

    If someone knows Instagram, it's Jesse Bodine, who has amassed over 162k followers on Instagram. She'll teach you how to grow, share and engage your following
  4. Brand Success with Kristen Brown, owner of Hoot Design Company

    Kristen has built her business around the force of her own brand, and the passion for creating great brands for large and small businesses alike. She'll asses your brand and give you actionable advice on how to grow and polish for long-term success.
  5. Hug Your Customer with Liz Tucker, owner of Poppy

    Lis has been in the retail business most of her life, and she's managed to keep loyal customers clamoring for more in a retail world that grows more digital by the minute. One reason is her commitment to hugging her customers -- a technique she'll teach no matter what your industry.

Networking + Happy Hour + Swag

At the end of the day you'll celebrate what you've learned and the connections you've made throughout the day with a happy hour and swag bag.

Let's toast to your success and the investment you've made in yourself and your biz. Breakfast and lunch are also provided.


Let's Do This!

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I am a very open person
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Note: Individual attention is key to making breakout sessions a success. There are only 25 total spots available, so sign up soon!