The BOLD Academy

The Challenge: Inspiring Trust + Prestige in a Program That's Just Getting Started

Naming • Branding • Brand Messaging • Website Design • Advertising Campaign


Powerful and Purposeful

A group of amazing women in the Columbia area came to us with a vision and a goal: to support, nurture, and enhance the leadership skills of girls in Columbia through a one-of-a-kind educational camp.

They knew what they wanted their academy to be—now they just needed a name and brand to communicate their vision to the world.

We developed the Black & Brown Opportunity, Leadership and Development Academy's name and messaging to express power through purpose and inspire girls to be BOLD in pursuing their futures.


Capturing a Wide Audience: Attendees, Parents, Schools, and the Community

A huge challenge the BOLD Academy faced was finding the right balance of professional, energetic, fun, inspiring, academic, and serious to get potential attendees excited about the academy, get their parents on board, convince mentors to dedicate their time, get schools and local organizations to sign on, and generate support throughout the community.

We created a brand that embraces contrasting hues, energetic patterns, crisp typography, and an upbeat brand voice to attract broad support.


An Online Home to Set the Stage

Our beautiful and user-friendly website adds an extra layer of legitimacy to truly capture the attention of motivated parents and youth who are perfect candidates for the Academy.

The intuitive design leads the viewer on a journey through BOLD Academy's story, vision, team, and application process.

Strategic calls to action are positioned throughout the site to encourage application submissions, recruit mentors, and build interest in the Academy. 

The BOLD Academy's streamlined website lends legitimacy to a program that's posied for success.


Getting BOLD Results

The BOLD Academy's vision has been realized.

In the academy's first year, the academy succeeded in attracting exactly the enrollees, mentors, and community support they strived for. There's already been an increase in the number of applications for next year, and the program has secured grants to keep their funding.

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