Body Refinery Gym
Website Design + Development. Branding. Content Marketing Consulting. Art Direction. Social Media Strategy. Video Production.


Complete Website Redesign

Body Refinery Gym's old website was thrown together without
any thought of attracting the right clients. We fixed that.


Body Refinery Gym's new website is:

  • Targeted to BRG's dream customer
  • Easy to edit and update
  • Responsive to every screen size
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Content-rich

New, Strategic Branding: Bring on the Energy

Branding and logo for Body Refinery Gym | Hoot Design Co.

Body Refinery Gym's old brand wasn't really a brand at all. Their logo had been thrown together haphazardly by a printer. They had two colors they were using consistently – muddy gold and black.

These elements weren't attracting BRG's dream customer.

To redo the Body Refinery Gym brand, we sat down with Cindy and talked about the dream client she wanted to attract, BRG's strengths, point of difference, and energy.

Then, we created a completely new brand identity targeted toward the youthful, vibrant clientele BRG was seeking with a bright color palette, bold font combination, and simple icons for each element of the Body Refinery Gym experience.


Content Marketing Consultation: Making Health + Nutrition Approachable


The firm BRG worked with previously was churning out bland, boring blog content that didn't focus on the real needs of Body Refinery Gym's clientele or showcase BRG's specialized knowledge.


Art Direction: Gyms Don't Have to Be Ugly


Body Refinery Gym's beautiful and versatile space set it apart. We worked with Drew Piester to art direct a photoshoot of BRG's interior, equipment, classes, and kids' center.

These original photos are incredibly versatile and can be used again and again in web design, social media posts, and even print materials.


Targeted Social Media Strategy


Despite the fact that anywhere from 82%–96% of businesses use social media, about a third are unsure if it's "working." WHAT?!

We crafted a social media strategy for Body Refinery Gym that highlights their versatile services and communicates the brand's energy.

By taking a strategic approach to social media, setting goals, and measuring success, we've revitalized BRG's social presence on Facebook and Instagram. 


Video Production