What's the Point of Social Media for Businesses, Anyway?

Despite the fact that anywhere from 82%–96% of businesses use social media, about a third are unsure if it's "working." One in three don't think social media is important for their business.

Let me say that again:

A THIRD of businesses on social media don't know if their social media marketing is working. And an ENTIRE THIRD of businesses don't think that social media is important. But 82–96% of businesses are ON social media.

And this absolutely screams the need to ask...

WHY THE F would you throw resources into something you DON'T think is important and DON'T know is effective? 

WHY would you throw resources into something you don't know how to measure? The point of social media for businesses is BUSINESS. | Hoot Design Co.

This makes no sense. Put this into any other business terms and it clearly and plainly makes NO SENSE.

Would you invest mad $$ into producing and broadcasting a television commercial if you didn't expect a return? No. Would you invest in hiring and training a new employee if you didn't think their contribution would benefit your business? No. Would you open a new location if you had no clue if it would work out and no way to tell if it was viable or not? NO! 

So what's the point?

Why should your business have social media at all? It's a hassle, it takes up time, and LOTS of business owners don't even know how to tell if it's "working." So what's the point? Click through for the DL. | Hoot Design Co.

There's one thing, and one thing only, that is the "point" of social media:

There's ONE thing that should drive social media for businesses: BUSINESS. In other words, your bottom line. Money. $$$.

What does that look like? It could be generating new client leads. It could be getting existing customers to do more business with you. It could be making online sales. The point is...

"Social media for social media's sake" doesn't make sense.

That line of thinking is a total mind-trap.  We see this with customers all the time: They've convinced themselves that the point of getting their business on social media is to grow their social media networks. That likes, followers, fans, or friends are the end goal.


The "goal" of social media for business should be business. Your business: Making sales, retaining customer loyalty, or bringing new customers into the fold. If you're going to invest in a social media presence for business, you need to invest smart, you need to invest right, and you need to see a return.

Instead of considering social media to be a category all its own, consider social media a subset of your traditional advertising – and subject to the same need for real returns on your investment.

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