Peggy Jean's Pies

In case you haven't heard—Peggy Jean's Pies is the sweetest dang pie shop around.

But PJP's pie-making success was being slowed down by a dull brand and an inefficient website.

HDco got right to work.

Peggy Jean's Pies now has a distinct and sassy brand voice and a branded website that's built for e-commerce. See how we did it.


Creating a brand that shouts "fun!"

With two hilarious women at the helm of this business, PJP's was past due for a bright and quirky makeover.

We stuck with the logo that Peggy Jean's came to us with so that we didn't diminish the brand awareness they'd already built. But everything else that you see on this brand board is an HDco original that Peggy Jean's can use for as long as they like.


Staying true to the voice of Peggy Jean's.

Peggy Jean's Pies co-owner Rebecca Miller already had a completely honest and wildly popular blog for PJP's. 

This blog's raving fans would've been pretty ticked off if we had messed with the fun and candid tone of their favorite online content. So we didn't change a thing!

Instead, we harnessed the heartfelt and irrepressible energy of the Peggy Jean's blog and created a Speak for Yourself guide for PJP's brand voice. Now Peggy Jean's will always have that peppy and outspoken tone, no matter who's writing their posts.


Investing in the website of PJP's dreams

After getting the visuals and copy down to a T, all we had to do was make a gorgeous website that's e-commerce capable. Total piece of cake— uh, we mean pie.

Using our website package, Peggy Jean's has a website that looks amazing, is easy to edit, and drives pie sales like no other. We knew the client would be pleased, but we didn't expect the tears of joy we got in return! Thanks to Peggy Jean's for being a dream client for the pie-loving folks at HDco.


Looking into the future of PJP's

Now Peggy Jean's has a visual brand, voice, and website that expresses who they are. 

PJP's can launch their pie business into a full blown pie empire with:

  • a website that's easy to navigate and responsive to all devices

  • a visual brand that's too vibrant to ignore

  • several insights on how to speak to their dream clients

  • a way to sell pies over the internet to the pie-loving masses

Check out Peggy Jean's at to experience #WorldPieDomination for yourself.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Or, are you looking for new branding, logo design, or web design for your biz? Hit us up!

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