Poppy Made By Hand

We're EXTREMELY excited to announce the launch of the new Poppy Made By Hand website. Woo hoo!

Working with local women owned businesses is a DREAM. The Poppy brand is incredibly fun, vibrant, and absolutely a joy.

Want to see what we did for Poppy? Let's go! →

First of all, let's start with where Poppy was: Stuck with website that didn't meet their needs OR portray their brand.

How far off was this old site? Pretty far. Their old site was:

  • NOT e-commerce enabled

  • Not responsive to screen sizes or devices

  • Void of brand recognition

  • Extremely difficult to update


These are all absolutely essential for Poppy's business model. As their business has grown, they needed their site to grow with them. And their old website (and web company) was no longer a good fit.

Check out what they were working with before:

The OLD web design for Poppy... Which did not fit their needs at all. | Hoot Design Co.

NOT on brand!

And now... The new site!

Ecommerce website design for Poppy Made By Hand in Columbia, MO | Hoot Design Co.
E-commerce gift certificates in the new Poppy website design | Hoot Design Co. web design in Columbia, MO
Squarespace e-commerce web design for Poppy in Columbia MO – yes please! | Hoot Design Co.

See the difference?

The new HDco website fully integrates Poppy's brand into an online customer experience in look, tone, functionality, and interactivity.

The previous website's gray, all sans-serif setup... Not so much. Not at all, actually. In Liz's telling:

"Matches our business" – the importance of that statement shouldn't be overlooked.


Creating a fully on-brand site is essential to representing your biz online.

Your website is the FIRST place many of your customers go when they are trying to decide whether or not to do business with you.

Making a great first impression is crucial to representing yourself in the best light possible for those buyers and creating buyer expectations.

Liz needed the Poppy site to cue shoppers in on what it feels like to visit Poppy. Her new website FINALLY accomplishes that.

Congrats, Liz!

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