The Amazing Potential of Pinterest for Small Business Marketing [Infographic]

You already know that social media presents a wealth of opportunities for small businesses.

You're probably on Facebook. Or Twitter.

"Love me," the business's social media accounts cried out with watery eyes.

"Love me," the business's social media accounts cried out with watery eyes.

Or you at least have an account or two set up, named for your business, and might be posting things every now and then. Or your business account might just be hanging out with its old, pixelated logo sadly stagnant in its little square box, peering out at you with yearning puppy dog eyes, waiting for you to finally give it the attention it deserves.

If any of these situations describes your business's social media presence, it's likely that you're just too stressed with trying to keep your business up and running to think about how you're going to engage with a social media audience in a worthwhile (as in $$$) and meaningful (as in your audience will want to continue) way.

If you're choosing just one platform to in which to invest, you should seriously consider Pinterest.

Why? Read on:

Here's TL;DR version of our in-depth look at Pinterest stats. Pinterest is...

  • Where people go for information about making future choices – rather than reliving the past (Facebook), broadcasting the moment (Twitter and Snapchat), or curating a visual story (Instagram). 
  • Content's performance on Pinterest improves over time (rather than declines).
  • Networks are built around interests rather than personal connections.

Large brands are booming on Pinterest. But small business owners aren't as convinced that Pinterest is a worthwhile investment of resources

And that is ridiculous.

In the last 6 months, we gained over 80,000 impressions from just one Pin. That's 80,000 times our content has been seen – and that has generated a huge amount of site traffic and referrals for us. And the number keeps climbing each time another individual pins our infographic.

We have no clue who those Pinterest views are coming from, besides individuals interested in newsletter marketing. But they visit our site through that single Pin, like our content, and come back again and again.

In contrast, a good Facebook post gets maybe 20 clickthroughs when it's posted initially. That number declines with each re-post. And, most importantly of all, we already know exactly who those audience members are – because they're largely already our clients, family, or friends.

Marketing on Pinterest for small business offers huge opportunities to reach more customers and make more sales. Here are Pinterest statistics from 2016 in one infographic. | Hoot Design Co.

The bottom line:

Pinterest offers incredible potential for small businesses. 

Thanks to its unique position as a go-to source for consumers looking for information to inform their purchasing decisions, Pinterest offers a truly brand- and business-friendly social platform.

Users are looking for connections with products and concepts on Pinterest – and that is just not the case on other networks (like Facebook and Twitter) that are built for person-to-person connections.

To sum it up, Pinterest is an information-packed, consumption-centered merger of search engine capabilities and social sharing that should be at the top, not the bottom, of small business marketers' minds.

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