QUIZ: Which Social Media Platform Is Right for Your Business?

Which social media platform is right for your small business?

It's an important – and HUGE – question. All too often small businesses try to jump in all at once... and end up biting off more than they can chew. 

More often than not this approach spreads your resources way too thin to make an impact. You create content for the sake of sharing content. You fly by the seat of your pants. You throw yourself into the fray – and, all too often, you burn out.

We believe in a different approach: concentrated strategy. Our belief:

By taking a step back and figuring out where and how to engage your audience on social media, you'll be able to invest your limited resources where it makes the most sense for your business.

But what platform should that be?

We created a handy quiz to help you discover just that.  

Which social media platform is right for your business? You might be surprised... Take the quiz to find out! | Hoot Design Co.

Which social media network is right for your small business?

You have a limited budget. You have a limited amount of time. But you KNOW the power of social media for small business marketing.

So where should you invest your energy?

Take this quiz to find out!


It looks like Facebook is the right platform for you!

Facebook is often considered the default social media network for small businesses. On Facebook, users relive the past and define their present identity through what they share and who they connect with. On Facebook, users' connections are primarily made through relationships and group.

Businesses can use Facebook to define their brand, deliver new information, and organize events.

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It looks like Twitter is the right platform for you!

Users turn to Twitter to broadcast the instant and connect through time-based topics (think #DemDebate or #GOPDebate).

Businesses can use Twitter to connect with their audience in the moment (think customer service), deliver new information, and connect with customers one on one.

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It looks like Instagram is the right platform for you!

Users turn to Instagram to discover and be discovered through style. Users curate a visual story of their lives and lifestyles and look for similar accounts to connect with for inspiration.

Businesses can use Instagram to reach an audience based on their brand's style, curate their brand “story,” show their products in use and drive sales (even though in-caption links are still not supported). Instagram recently opened up advertising to small business, which offers an even greater opportunity to target likeminded users.

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It looks like Pinterest is the right platform for you!

Users turn to Pinterest to plan for the future (including future purchases) and connect through interests.

Businesses can use Pinterest to reach audience based on those interests, show their products in use, influence consumers' future behavior, and, most importantly, drive online sales through direct links and buyable pins.

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Are you trying to engage a local customer base (as opposed to online/virtual sales)?

Yes, nearly 100% of my business comes from in-store or in-community purchases

Yes and no – I want to engage clients/customers in my local area, but I also do online sales so I'm not limited to my community.

No, I'm primarily trying to grow my online following to make virtual sales.

Is your target buyer/customer under 25?



Does your product/service lend itself well to visual imagery – like photos or video?

Yes, and I/we are great at creating beautiful or compelling imagery

Yes, but neither I nor anyone available to me has the skills to regularly create beautiful/aspirational imagery

No, not photogenic

Do you sell clothing or accessories?



Do you sell artisan, boutique, or handmade food or edibles?

Yes, and my business sells to/serves the local crowd

Yes, and I sell online


Do you (or an employee) have time to engage one-on-one on behalf of your business throughout the day? This INCLUDES at night, after regular business hours!

Yes, and we're willing to invest that time

No, I/we have NO time to spare for regular interaction... I'd honestly need to keep hands-on interactions minimal for this to be viable

I/we have some time throughout the day, but it's unpredictable or at irregular intervals

Do you sell your own art or art prints?



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