Slideshare: How to Be a Great Resource for Customers You've Never Met

It's a good bet that you know a lot about your job.

The experience you've gained in your industry makes you a wealth of knowledge. But how do you share your secrets with dream customers that are juuuust out of reach?

Thanks to the internet, there's a way.

Slideshare is a website that collects slideshow presentation chock-full of great information- for anyone to access.

Let's talk about how you can become a thought leader for customers outside your network. And how you could pick up some wisdom on the way.

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What is Slideshare?

Think of SlideShare as social media for slideshow presentations.

You can follow people who upload presentations that are informative and relevant for you. And you can gain followers by posting your wonderful, evergreen content.

How to use SlideShare for content marketing | Hoot Design Co.

Why should you use it?

We're always encouraging our clients to create a blog because you know your business better than anyone. Slideshare lets you extend that knowledge way beyond people who check out your website.

And trust us, you have content to share. When we decided we were going to get a Slideshare account, we realized we had great presentations that were collecting dust in our Google Drive.

With some light editing, a presentation that you gave months ago can become the perfect resource for a Slideshare user.

And sharing secrets with potential customers doesn't mean that they won't need you anymore. If anything, you become a reliable source of information for someone who needs your help. You still know your industry best, and they'll appreciate your expertise.

So what do you write about?

You're sold, right? Slideshare sounds great. But the first post can be pretty intimidating.

9 times out of 10, you're going to have a presentation that you can shake the dust off of, edit a little, and it will be perfect for a broader audience.

But if that's not the case, think about the questions that you get asked All. Day. Long.

These are clearly the unanswered questions that the general public needs a slideshow about! 

Say you're a hairdresser, and you rarely have a staff meeting where a presentation is necessary. You can tap into all of the questions you get about:

"What's ombre? What's balayage? What are babylights? Am I an Autumn or a Summer?"

You've heard it all before. And that means you have enough to make an engaging and informative slideshow. We promise, it's that easy. 

And your dream customer will appreciate that you took the time to break it down, and that you're so dang smart.

We can talk the talk. But can we walk the walk?

Still confused on what kind of content makes for a great presentation? Here's a slideshow that we created for internal use.

With a few tweaks, this slideshow made for the perfect first post. Now potential customers who've never heard of us can see how we put our philosophy into action.

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When do you start?

Right now! Let's break down what we've learned so you can get to slide-sharing.

  1. Make a Slideshare account today to get some information AND inspiration.
  2. Check in the corners of your desktop files for any slideshows that could help someone out.
  3. Brainstorm about the questions you're sick of answering and make a customized slideshow.
  4. Upload your slideshow and watch your audience soak up that knowledge!
You're as much of an expert as we are now! So get on out there and show people what's up!

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