How to Map Out Your Website

There has never been a better time to get a website.

Our entire world is more connected than ever, thanks to the Internet. It’s time for you and your business to be part of the conversation. 

Creating and maintaining a website is easy with Squarespace, but there are several steps you need to consider and plan for before making your website. We’re breaking it down in this blog post.

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What to consider

You know the old saying: “failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is totally true when it comes to your website. Before you build your site (or have us do it for you), there are many aspects you need to think about.

  • Your overall tone: To determine your tone, you need to identify your target audience. Who are the people who are most likely to buy from you? What are their needs, wants, and pain points? What is the best way to reach them? When you know how to speak to your brand advocate, you’re ready to move on.

  • Your signature look: You need a visual brand so that your website can look professional and inviting to your target market. If you book a website package with us, you’ll need a visual brand. We can do that with either a full visual suite or a speed branding service—whichever best fits your budget. 

  • Your desired features: Your website must be user-friendly at the very minimum. But there are several features you may consider so that you can speak effectively to your target audience. Do you have a blog? Add in a newsletter block to capture emails. Do you sell something tangible? It’s easy to set up an e-commerce capable website. 

  • Your website’s structure: Think about what content must go on your site, like your company’s story, services, and contact info, and then determine how that content should be grouped. When your site is organized, your customers will have no problem finding out exactly what you bring to the table.

Once you’ve put it all together, or consulted with your favorite women-led ad agency, you’re ready to create your website. Planning ahead will save you, your team, and everyone involved time, money, and stress. It’s like a win-win-win.

Need help?

We offer two different website packages: Site in a Day and Full Website Build + Design. Here are a few tips to be successful at each.

Site in a Day

  • Take your SID homework seriously. It’s time-consuming, but well worth the effort when it comes to building your website. Not taking your homework seriously means we won’t have enough content to launch your site in one day. You need to have all your content written out and you need to be able to communicate what you’re looking for in your site.

  • Take care to answer all questions thoroughly. If you don’t put in the effort beforehand, your website will feel lackluster to both you and your potential clients.

  • Don’t be self-conscious about your writing abilities and give up on taking a first crack at your content. Do your best, and know that all SID workshops come with two hours of support from one of our copywriters.

Full Website Design + Build

  • In a full site package, we write much more content for you. However, you will still need to be able to communicate effectively what kinds of content you want on your site.

  • Speaking of effective communication, you will also need to be quick to answer. Websites constantly evolve, as will expectations, and we will need an open line of communication to understand your needs.

A website is like your 24/7 sales person. It is available to anyone at any time, so it should represent your business well.

Turn your visitors into customers.

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