How to Increase Your Website Traffic by 50% (in Just One Month)

Web traffic is a tricky thing to nail.

Direct search referrals, social media engagement, content marketing, and newsletter outreach are all go-to strategies. But all of those take one precious, precious resource: time.

And we had maxed out all of our hours each week. But we still weren't reaching our traffic goals.

But then we made a simple change: automatically recycling content. 

And this one investment has helped us increase our traffic significantly – by over 50% in just one month.

Today we're digging into our web traffic and letting you in on a secret: the absolute social media lifesaver we think is well worth the investment.

This tool is awesome. We've increased our web traffic by huge numbers in just the past month, and one of the biggest reasons is THIS. | Hoot Design Co.

What is this premium resource?

It's called Edgar, and it's a social media management application by Laura Roeder of LKR Social Media.

What sets Edgar apart is that it recycles your content  – and this is exactly why we saw a 50% increase in web traffic from December to January.

Just last week I had a call with a client who was questioning why we would recommend recycling their social content, and the reason is simple:

 Your content: not sticking the landing.

Your content: not sticking the landing.

Less than 10% of your social media "fans" are seeing your content at any one time. Organic reach on Facebook is often less than 4%.

Why spend the time, money and effort to create awesome posts, infographics and roundups, and let them fall flat on their face? 

Maybe your reader wasn't attracted to your headline the first time around. Or maybe they recently heard something that relates to your topic and spurs them to click this time. Maybe they're sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office, looking to be distracted.

Whatever the case, posting your robust, hardworking content again will continue to funnel traffic to your site, making it work even harder for you. Using an app to recycle your content automatically means you can just set it and forget it!

We absolutely love the scheduling function inside Edgar because it's soooooo hands off!

First we load our content into our "library."

 A peek inside our Edgar library :)

A peek inside our Edgar library :)

Then we create a schedule that pulls from this library.

 Me, at approximately 7:45pm CST.

Me, at approximately 7:45pm CST.

We set the posting date and time to anything we like (like sleepy time, which for me starts at 8pm!). This schedule automatically pulls from the category you specify.

So you can collapse into bed and not worry about whether or not you scheduled that update. 😉

The Edgar blog gives great stats on popular engagement hours, and we regularly check in to see when our audience is engaging the most – and reconfigure our schedule accordingly.

 Our schedule preview. 

Our schedule preview. 

We've turned over all of our Facebook and Twitter scheduling to Edgar and couldn't be happier with the peace of mind it's given us.

 Some of our most recent Facebook posts – all handled by Edgar.

Some of our most recent Facebook posts – all handled by Edgar.

It's AMAZING to not have to worry about creating every single post by hand.

Here's a little peek at our most recent Facebook posts – all of which were handled by Edgar. 

Trusting all of our reposting to a reliable system that can function entirely hands-off has been a huge boost to our productivity and site traffic.


When we purchased our Edgar subscription we also signed up for an e course offered by LKR Social Media called Social Brilliant.

Social Brilliant was very helpful and very easy to digest and well worth the time investment. One thing that Social Brilliant made clear was how to connect the dots for clients on why we use social media to bring people to their door.

We created a handy infographic for this we've used again and again to really illustrate to clients what our objectives are when we ask them to create strategic and branded content. 


The e course was easy to navigate and watch on a tight schedule. It was well worth the purchase price, especially if social media feels overwhelming and confusing for you.

One more thing: We would highly recommend Edgar over Hootsuite and Buffer (although we've enjoyed those free apps). Why? The recycling functionality, of course! For us, paying monthly for that peace of mind is totally worth it. 

Set it and forget it—then enjoy when it comes across your Facebook feed. One more thing working hard for you and your biz.

Get $30 off: If you're interested in saving time and stress—and money!— (seriously, who isn't?!), you can save on your subscription using this referral link. Check it out!

– KGB.

Another BIG way to improve your social media performance: Kickass original content.

To funnel customers to your website again and again, creating amazing online content is the best thing you can do for business marketing.

But DANG, can it be time consuming.

Don't worry—you're about to find the perfect solution to getting your blog posts off the groundquickly and painlessly!

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