How to Motivate Your Staff with a Powerful Brand Voice

What do all great leaders have in common? Outstanding communication skills. If you want to set an example for your staff, you need powerful messaging that calls them to action.

Without clear, concise messaging, your staff may fail to understand what your company is all about, and they will not be able to give your guests the experience they deserve. But when your messaging is clear, understandable, and motivating, your staff will have no problem in communicating your company’s values with anyone with whom they interact.

The first part of creating clear, concise messaging is solidifying your brand voice.


What is brand voice?

Beyond the feelings a client gets from interacting with you, a brand is developed through a combination of your visual representation and the words you use. A brand voice is more specific than the brand as a whole; it’s the verbal part of the brand that you use to call your clients to action.

When you clarify your brand voice, you will speak clearly, purposefully, and effectively. Best of all, you will gain written and verbal tools to keep consistency across all media.

How can you keep your brand voice consistent?

Identify your company’s best attributes. What is your point of difference? What makes you special? Knowing what you’re good at makes writing about what you do so much easier. A clear message allow you to write consistently in any content you or your team create. What’s more, you will be able to connect with your dream customer in a way that motivates them to know, like, and trust you.

How does brand voice affect your staff members?

When it comes to your staff members, consistency in brand voice allows them to assist your clients in an unchanging, uniform way, gifting your guests with an amazing experience in each visit. When your staff knows and understands your business’ brand voice, they will be able to follow a loose script that adheres to your company’s values. They will know to what standard they should be working.

Brand voice is essential not only for your clients to be able to recognize you, but it’s also incredibly important for your staff to be able to communicate for you. Consistency is key when it comes to excellent service, and a consistent brand voice is the first step.

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