How to Grab Your Clients’ Attention (in One Phrase!)

Saying all the right things to attract your ideal client can be tricky. You want them to become superfans of your brand, but what’s the best way to speak to them?

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The Answer: One-Liners

One-liners are short, pithy phrases you can say or write almost anywhere. Think of it as a mini elevator pitch. If someone asks you what your brand is all about, either at an event or on the Internet, you’ll be able to tell them concisely. You won’t waste  time finding the right words, because with these one-liners on hand, you’ll get the right message across with no effort.

The Client Captivation Phrase

The most important one-liner to have in your arsenal is your Client Captivation Phrase—a one-line description to speak to your dream client and let them know how you can be the guide that changes their life for the better.

When you use the Client Captivation Phrase, you’ll speak directly to the client’s needs and wants. It’s an effective call to action because your client will immediately realize that interacting with you and your brand will improve their life. 

The basic structure of a Client Captivation Phrase includes the following:

  • Client-focused words that make your client feel like the center of attention

  • Your brand’s point of difference that makes you stand out from the crowd

  • An explanation of the value you can bring to your client’s life

To the right are just a few examples of Client Captivation Phrases we’ve done for clients.

This Client Captivation Phrase begins with the type of client you want to reach, and makes them feel special because they are put first. As your potential client reads on, they will find how they can benefit from your services. Finally, mention your name at the end so your client will know exactly who they want to interact with.

This is a simple example, but challenge yourself and your team to be creative in what you choose to highlight and how you write the phrase. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to writing one-liners.

One-Liners for Your Team

Though one-liners can be focused on your potential and current clients, you can also create one-liners for your team. These are similar to the Client Captivation Phrase, but put the focus on your managers, employees, and anyone else you work with. Build morale, uplift someone individually, and get everyone on the same page with effective and well-written one-liners.

But Where Do You Go From Here?

You can utilize these one-liners in all written and verbal messaging that comes from your brand. Use the Client Captivation Phrase on print pieces, gifts, or train your staff to use it when speaking with visitors. Every touchpoint a potential client comes into contact with is an opportunity to tell them about your brand. Never pass up that opportunity.

With one-liners, you can break down your offerings into bite-sized pieces—kind of like hors d’oeuvres, no?

With one-liners, you can break down your offerings into bite-sized pieces—kind of like hors d’oeuvres, no?

With one-liners, you’ve gotten over the hurdle of learning to speak effectively to your dream clients. You’ve broken down your offerings into delicious, bite-sized pieces. This is one of the most difficult parts of messaging: synthesizing all of the research and hypotheticals into actionable and effective phrases. One-liners are simple but strong enough to empower your business and entice potential clients.

One-liners only work unless you know exactly who you’re speaking to. Find your dream client and guide them to success with our Brand Messaging Manual.

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