3 Questions That Get Great Google Reviews from Every Customer

How do you get poetically positive Google Reviews from customers every time?

In the last installment of our Google Reviews series, we talked about reaching out and asking for a review in a kind and personal way. But that doesn't mean your clients will suddenly turn into copywriters. 

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You want your review to be a little more specific than "they did a great job." But how do you ask for that? Let's find out together


We've found that clients actually welcome having a little guidance on what they should say about your business. Instead of your client feeling managed, it assures them that their review will be right the first time. 


So how do you get a stunning review right off the bat? Here's our formula:

We start by being friendly, personal, and letting them know that we've found this format is most helpful for letting our prospective clients understand what we do. 

We ask them to answer these three questions in complete sentences:

  1. What was your (website, brand, sales funnel) like before us?
  2. What is your (website, brand, sales funnel) like now?
  3. What was your experience working with us?


Simple, right?

It's really that easy, and we've experienced a 70% return rate from clients. 7/10 clients respond with Google Reviews that we're proud to have. If you still feel weird about reaching out— don't worry. Here's our tips on asking for Google Reviews while staying chill.

Stay tuned to become a Google Review Pro!

In the final installment of this series we're going to get into the nitty-gritty on how to respond when things get ugly.

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