How to Effectively Target Your Ideal Luxury Club Clients

Let’s face it. When it comes to your club, you want to attract the best guests. The ones who share common interests and a similar background, and who support the same causes as you do. How can you motivate the best of the best to interact with you and your business?

Your messaging will help you zero in and target your ideal guests and clients.

We’ve already discussed brand voice and why it’s important, but just a reminder: brand voice is the verbal part of the brand that you use to call your clients to action. Words can help build your brand, but you need actionable ways to reach your ideal guests.


Here are a few tips to keep your messaging relevant to your ideal clients:

  • Keep your punctuation sincere. Make sure your written copy does not contradict your company’s upscale brand. One way to ensure sincere writing is to avoid unnecessary exclamation points. Only use them when you’re feeling genuine excitement, or else your brand can start to feel fake and contrived.

  • Keep your wording concise. If you want to be exclusive, your messaging should reflect that. Only use words you need, and avoid superfluous phrasing. This does not mean your copy should be short and terse; you should try to balance your copy with being conservative but still engaging for your readers.

  • Identify core words to use in your messaging. This is where you can let your brand shine. By choosing a few words that you can use throughout your copy on any marketing materials, you start to create an informal script that guides your messaging. For example, a few words that a country club could use are luxurious, elegant, and prime. Be sure to choose both adjectives and verbs when considering these core words.

To sum it up, your messaging is key to attracting your ideal clients.

Any materials you create for your business—including a website, gifts, or print materials—should have consistent, engaging copy that appeals to those dream clients. Without clear writing that reflects your brand, you run the risk of missing your mark, that is, not reaching your ideal guests. But with these tools, you’re well on your way to creating the luxury club of your dreams

Looking for more tools and resources for your brand voice? Look no further than the Copywriting Guide.

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