How to Balance Exclusivity with Openness on Your Luxury Club’s Website

Thanks to the Internet, anyone, anywhere, at any time, can access your website. Your website can act as your company’s 24/7 sales representative, but when your brand is all about exclusive luxury, you don’t want just anyone to see what you offer. Keep your information privileged so that you can maintain your status.

Unfortunately, that puts you at a bit of a dilemma. How can you appeal to your ideal clients and be accessible to them, while keeping away those who won’t fit into your club?

The answer lies in your website. Your website is often the first impression future clients will have of you, so you need to make a good one.


These are the first steps you can take to make that first impression memorable.

1. Set the Stage with the Right Tone

Appeal to the right kinds of people by identifying core words to use in your messaging that describes the essence of your brand. Draw them in with enticing adjectives such as luxurious, elite, and elegant, and call them to take action with inspiring verbs such as master, perfect, and elevate. Using the right words in the right way will motivate the clients you want, and will deter the ones you don’t.

2. Limit Your Information

Don’t reveal too much about your club and its offerings on your website. In the case of luxury clubs, this isn’t always true, but less is more is a good rule of thumb to have for your website. Again, maintaining an air of mystery helps perpetuate your reputation for luxury.

In addition to your website content, your website structure also needs to be constructed in a way that leaves your dream clients wanting more.

3.  Give Privacy to Your Current Members...

For current members, have a private member-only login page. This way they can manage their account, whether that’s making a payment or reserving a time slot for a golf outing. Only your current members should be able to view any specific information you have about your club.

4. ...And Call Potential Members to Action

For your website visitors, the best thing you can have on your website is a call to action. This could be to call your club for a meeting or tour. Make them do the work to obtain more information. If they’re the kinds of clients you want to join your club, they will be more than happy to put in the effort.

Create the club of your dreams with a beautiful website to match. See our past work, or book a website package.

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