How to Ask for Google Reviews Without Feeling Desperate

Having stellar Google Reviews for your small biz is essential to getting new customers.

If you read our last blog post about Google Reviews you know that these reviews are often a potential client's first impression of you. So let's make sure it's a good one.

But how do you start to accumulate reviews? How do you ask a client to write something about your business that is both positive and well-written?

It's not as awkward or seemingly impossible as you might think. You can pick the tactic that best fits your brand and gets great reviews every time. Let's discuss how you broach the awkward topic of asking someone to brag about you.


So, how do you ask a client to review you?

You have to just reach out and ask, really. But there are several tactics we recommend, and it depends on the business and the client to decide which tactic is best.

Here are our three top ways to ask clients for Google reviews:

1. Ask in an email.

Make it brief, friendly, humble. Flattery or acting too formal can be jarring when you're asking for something. It would be ideal if you're reaching out to them about good news or day-to-day business and then include your request. This way, it doesn't feel pushy or desperate.

Slip in your ask toward the end. You don't want it feel like you're only reaching out for this "big ask" when really it's not a huge deal. You can add a sort of P.S. at the end that says you'd value their review and how it can help other clients find you.

The email should feel personal. If it feels like a structured proposal or it looks like an incoming newsletter, your client may not even open it. Reaching out as an individual will make your cause something. 

Sign off with a name instead of the business. People are most likely to react well to a request that feels personal rather than one that feels staged. Again, keeping it friendly makes them want to help you out.

Include a direct link. People love being able to click to take action with minimal effort. Make it easy for them to say something nice about you and your business. Wanna know how? Here's some helpful tips

Utilize your email list. Using your email list will let you get in touch with people with whom you’ve already interacted. This way, it won't feel like an intimidating shot-in-the-dark email. If they’re on your email list or have given you their email, they’re probably on good terms with you already and would welcome you into their inbox!

2. Ask in a Facebook message.

Direct messaging is one of the fastest-growing and most effective ways to get in touch with someone and ask them to take an action.

If you have a personal connection with someone, sending a direct message on Facebook from your business account (but mentioning it’s you personally!) lets you distance yourself from feeling like you’re asking a personal favor while still leveraging your personal connection.

The message should be brief, to the point, friendly, and humble. No flattery or formal language. 

Getting a personal message feels like you’re getting personal attention, and that feels good!


And if you're wondering if Facebook is appropriate for business- the answer is yes! Learn more about why your biz needs to be social media proactive.

How to get Google reviews | Hoot Design Co.

3. Ask in person.

Your dream client loves talking to you and you love talking to them. That's why, if you're talking to the right client, this can be your best strategy for great reviews. When an individual agrees in person to leave you a review, they feel obligated to write you one.

Don't know who your dream client is? Check out this helpful tool in finding them ------>

You want to sound casual and friendly after establishing a good rapport. Avoid using language or body language that feels stiff.

A face-to-face conversation gives the customer a person to remember their experience by. If they liked the person, they don't want to leave a poor review because in a way they feel like they’re evaluating the individual.

If you have a brick and mortar location, consider the pros and cons of setting up an iPad to write a review in-store. Personally, I feel pressured if I have to write the review in the presence of the people or place I’m reviewing. But it could be a way to get people to leave a review then and there instead of possibly forgetting.

One potential downside is that if you haven’t established a personal relationship or good rapport with the individual you ask, it can feel pushy.

Where do we go from here?

In the next installment of this series we're going to share our secret weapon for getting a positively eloquent Google Review.

Tune in next time, friend! 

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