How One Line Can Get Your Entire Staff on the Same Page

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” As cheesy as that cliche is, it’s very true. When your team is in sync with your business, amazing things can happen.

But the question is, how do you get everyone on the same page? The answer is one-liners.

As we previously discussed in our post about grabbing your client’s attention, one-liners are short, pithy phrases you can say or write almost anywhere. In that post, you can learn about attracting your client with simple one-liners, but they work for your internal team just as well.

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There are three types of one-liners that motivate your team in different ways:

  • The Employee Motivation Phrase is designed to empower an employee who feels drained or unappreciated. This should be sincere and remind your employee that they are valued.

    • Example: The smallest details make the biggest difference.

  • The Internal Mantra can easily get everyone on the same page about your mission. This one-liner should both state what your company provides and how your employees can make your customers feel.

    • Example: Create luxury, inspire loyalty.

  • Finally, the Company Culture Chant will energize your team for the tasks ahead. This should be short and snappy, and excite your employees to do a job well done.

    • Example: Stay the course (and of course they’ll stay!)

These one-liners serve different purposes, but all are important when speaking to your team. When your team members are at their best, your company is at its best, too.

Your staff will always be smiling when they have one-liners to guide them forward.

Your staff will always be smiling when they have one-liners to guide them forward.

Your staff needs one-liners on hand for any situation. Whether they’re struggling to serve a client with a smile, they don’t know the company’s values or anything in between, you need a plan of action and one-liners are your first step.

Not only can one-liners help an individual employee, they can also help your team as a whole. When written well, they can boost morale and improve your company culture. If your team members feel valued, they will be happier to work with you and your company. When your team is happy, your clients are happy. Isn’t it amazing how one line can transform how your team and clients experience your company?

Don’t have time to write your company’s one-liners? A Brand Messaging Manual will help you communicate with purpose.

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