How Creating A Dream Customer Can Guide You to Success

One of the key steps in any marketing plan is identifying your target audience. You think about your audience’s demographics, their attitudes, and behaviors, but you need to be much more specific than thinking about a group of people.

You need a dream customer.


What is a dream customer?

A dream customer for a luxury club might look something like this. Now it’s your job to bring him to life.

A dream customer for a luxury club might look something like this. Now it’s your job to bring him to life.

A dream customer is the ONE person who would value your offerings the most. By targeting this fictionalized individual avatar, you can motivate your real clients to take action. Analyze your dream customer’s motivations, intentions, and personal history, and from there create tailored messaging designed to speak directly to them, instead of giving unclear signals that fail to define exactly who your business is for.

How to create a dream customer

When it comes to creating your dream customer’s persona, no detail is too small. You should know about their family, their daily routine, their religious beliefs, even their exercise regimen. Knowing every single detail about your dream customer gives you the tools to thoughtfully design a detailed experience for each of your guests. After all, design is in the details.

Focusing on a singular dream customer does not mean you are excluding all others. Your dream customer would be excited about ALL of your offerings, and real people who are similar to your dream customer would be excited about many of the same things. By focusing on one person, you are actually able to reach a wide range of people who would be interested in your offerings.

Why your staff benefits from a dream customer

Your staff should be familiar with the dream customer persona. They should know what kind of person they will interact with, and be able to deliver extraordinary service based on that knowledge. A dream customer persona will help your staff understand to what standard they should be working in order to assist your members.

A singular dream customer may seem limiting at first, but it is actually freeing. It allows you to see all the possibilities to positively interact with your clients and make them loyal fans of your business.

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