The Laser Clinic

When The Laser Clinic transferred ownership, they were also ready for a fresh, new brand. A brand that would attract their dream clients, and would communicate their new vision of the company to the world. 

HDco to the rescue! πŸ’ƒπŸ»

The ladies behind The Laser Clinic are total bosses. Sarah Crowder, the top robotic surgeon in the state of Missouri, skillfully leads a rockstar team of laser technicians and nurse practitioners to make their customers' lives a lot easier. They know what they're doing, and they do it really well. 

Our vision for The Laser Clinic combined their expertise and understanding of lasers and laser hair removal to create a sophisticated, educated brand that truly gets their message across.

Now, The Laser Clinic's new website is easy to navigate, plus has personal and welcoming details that truly speak the voice of this amazing client.

Website design in columbia, MO for the laser clinic

Wanna know how we got there? Let's break it down. πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

1. We found their dream client

The original imagery on The Laser Clinic's website was mismatched and way too "stock photo-y" for a service as personal as the ones they provide. The original verbiage was filled with jargon and very few selling points. The overall image just didn't feel cohesive and strategic in targeting and attracting any specific clients.

After meeting with Sarah and her team, we had some major breakthroughs. 

Their customers aren't just looking for a smooth bikini line for the beach.

They need to cut time out of their daily routines for more time to focus on their professional and family lives.  These are women (and men) on the go, and they have much more important things to do than spending time shaving and plucking each day.


2. We created a gorgeous brand board

Combining luxe patterns, soft pastels, coordinating typefaces, and personalized imagery, we gave The Laser Clinic a clear vision for their new brand.

The cool thing about how we roll is that this brand board is NOT just for us. It's essentially a roadmap we hand to our clients for use in every future branding and business effort.

Our services don't end when we leave your payroll (although feel free to contact us for any marketing service you need πŸ˜‰), because we believe in sustainable business branding solutions. 

The Laser Clinic's inviting, personable brand will distinguish it from competitors, while attracting dream clients in Mid-MO and beyond!

The Laser Clinic's Brand Board. Click through for a larger view!

3. We identified the weaknesses and found solutions on their site

BOO: Too much medical jargon!

The gals that run The Laser Clinic are really, really smart. But, it shouldn't take an advanced medical degree to understand exactly how the laser hair removal process works or what method is best for you.

WOO: Simplified language.

Through design and copywriting, we broke the originally hard to grasp concepts into bite-size pieces that really anyone should be able to understand. This is essential to the overall tone and feel of your brand. Understanding your products and services should be universally accessible.

BOO: No clear selling points!

The original site had few call-to-actions. "Learn more" was used over and over - which made it ineffective and stale to the potential clients. This needed to change.

WOO: Making sales.

We spruced up the sale points - emphasizing "free consultation" and "book service now" features that spoke directly to the potential customers. 

Testimonials are also πŸ”‘  to making The Laser Clinic such an attractive business. Their past clientele are their biggest cheerleaders and have so many praises to sing about their laser hair removal experiences. Making these more accessible and aesthetically pleasing was a must in our brand overhaul.


BEFORE version of the laser clinic's website

After HDco's Rebrand and Web Redesign:

AFTER our redesign of the laser clinic's brand and website

4. We got results

We're proud to have created a website that's

  • Targeted to the questions TLC's dream customer is already asking

  • Friendly and approachable

  • User-friendly – easy to navigate and responsive to all devices

  • Totally on-brand

  • Unique to The Laser Clinic's philosophy and approach to their industry

And a BRAND that's

  • Empowering to all clients considering laser hair removal (instead of shaming existing hair!)

  • Targeted to TLC's dream customer

  • Friendly and approachable

  • Feminine but badass

  • Comprehensive, including a full color palette, patterns, photo styles, language, and more

Check out The Laser Clinic's new website at to see how well their new brand and website work together.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Or, are you looking for new branding, logo design, or web design for your biz? Hit us up!

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