Your New Favorite Podcast Has Arrived: Announcing ProFresh!

We've got BIG NEWS today.

It's something we've been secretly developing for months.
Something that's a huge step in a new direction.
Something we've been dying to bring to the world for over five years.

Something HUGE.

Today, we're announcing the launch of...

ProFresh Podcast: Fresh Confessions from Female Entrepreneurs

We've finally launched it: Our new podcast, ProFresh.


And if you're thinking, "but, like, everyone and their cousin has a podcast right now...." I've got to tell you why ProFresh is different:

ProFresh is real. Bare. Exposed. Vulnerable.

See, we're surrounded by success stories.

Especially in the world of business, you hear it again and again: Here are all the right choices I made. All the mistakes I avoided. How I made $1,00,000 in my first year open. You can too. It's a piece of cake when you make the right choices – the smart choices, plan the right way, do the right things. Follow my lead and you'll get to the top!

Promises of success like those get you fired up. They're exciting – infectious, even. They make business sound so easy! So obvious, so planned out, so assured!

And at some point, that's exhausting. Because it's not the truth for nearly all of us.

The truth is that running a small business is never going to be easy. But it WILL be an experience like no other.

We know it from the years and years it's taken to grow HDco from a tiny, one-person studio stuffed in a closet to a robust full-service ad agency with 6 employees and a brand new studio space. The many, many mistakes we've made along the way. And you know it from your own experiences:

Those years are tough, and the years ahead will still be tough.

But running a business is a confetti-filled, jaw-dropping, stomach-turning, tears-of-joy rollercoaster ride like nothing else on earth.

It's the personal stories of those challenges, victories, hilarious mishaps, and, yes, big mistakes that we're highlighting in ProFresh.

No training or coaching can really prepare you for what you'll face running your business – especially as a woman.

Because the business universe is still a world still dominated by men – even as female small business owners are banding together and setting up shop like never before.

The women small business owners we know are some of the toughest, smartest, savviest, funniest, and realest people on the planet. 

It's these women's stories we're diving into, laughing about, and 'fessing up in ProFresh.

When we share our experiences with one another, we create new strength. And friendships. And laughs.

We're putting our whole hearts into this to give you the truth behind business.

So give it a listen: Find the full ProFresh index of episodes here. And make sure to subscribe to ProFresh on iTunes!

#HandLetterHumpday—Babe Ruthless

I watched Whip It again yesterday. If you're not familiar, here is the trailer to wet your whistle. I expect you to go out immediately following the reading of the blog post and downloading this desktop background, rent it/buy it, and watch it. 
That is all. Thank you.

 Click to download!

Click to download!


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