#HandletterHumpday—Dose'a Realism

Sometimes, my idealism gets the best of me. It's so refreshing to come back to earth and look at all of the things I already have: the friends, family, skills, and inspiration right in front of me instead of spending precious time wishing I was in different circumstances. Sometimes we forget how much we already, challenge yourself to stay present and stay focused. Therein lies a little secret to success. 

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." —Teddy Roosevelt

 Click through to download!

Click through to download!


The Real Benefit of a Mastermind Group

Okay, I'm just going to come right out with it:

Mastermind groups have completely changed my business.

For the better, of course!

You NEED honest advice and support when you're trying to run the whole show yourself. And that type of honest help is EXACTLY what mastermind groups give you – both online AND in-person.

In other words...


My awesome, intimate local mastermind group routinely gives absolutely invaluable support on topics from strategy to human resource investment

But I've also gained huge benefit from being a part of larger online groups. 

I joined up with one super great group after listening to Being Boss (one of my fave podcasts you definitely need to check out!) Other online groups I found after we started following other business badasses on social media or heard about them through word of mouth. They've all been extremely helpful to my biz!

In fact, I've gained so much value from these groups, I've decided to start our own Facebook mastermind group for ALL current clients and e course participants!

 Just like this Beyonce GIF.

Just like this Beyonce GIF.


Our very own mastermind group: HDco like a pro.


This is the perfect place to troubleshoot issues you're battling and share resources you're loving. We're personally dedicating at LEAST 30 minutes of our personal time a day to chatting it up and answering any questions you've got. We're also working on creating the best schedule of weekly topics to encourage everyone to share!

One code of conduct we try to stick to in our local group is that for every ask we also offer a give. So each time I ask a question, I always contribute my input or advice to another member's needs.

Keepin' it authentic and honest is the name of the game, and of course offer your services when they truly fit the ask!

Want in?

Everyone who signs up for Shape a Brand that Sells is invited to join us!

Registration is now open. Get on your way to your own DIY brand now.

We want all ballers in our group to feel like just that: Business ballers.

Chances are you know just as much as we do (and more on some topics!) so ALWAYS feel comfortable giving supportive and positive encouragement or feedback to everyone in here!

We're all on this crazy entrepreneurial ride together, and it's WAY better to be here with friends.

Come join the community!

Love, KGB

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