8 Love Songs You'll Actually Love Listening To

Love is in the air. Or maybe that's just the smell of polyester-stuffed teddy bears and cheap chocolates.

Anyway, it's getting close to Valentine's Day and to counter the barrage of tacky songs that start wafting through the airwaves we've put together an 8-track playlist of love songs you'll actually love listening to.

All four of us combined some of our favorites into this list, so you're in for an eclectic, electric mix that spans the spectrum from soft and sweet to upbeat, infectious rhythm.

You'll find all of these added to our Creative Jolt playlist on Spotify, so grab your earbuds and plug in!

A Valentine's playlist that doesn't suck. These love songs are songs you'll actually love listening to! | Hoot Design Co.

Anna's picks:


Both of these songs have a rare effect on me in that they make me feel like dancing uncontrollably because love is pretty great. 

I think often Valentine's Day is too mushy, which has a time and a place, but... whether you're single as a pringle or in a committed relationship, everybody feels better after they dance. And these dance songs just happen to be about love 😉 Because it really is great.

Avery's picks:

Get me away from here, I'm dying – Belle & Sebastian
Welcome to Heartbreak – Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi

I have a love/severely dislike relationship with Valentine's Day. On the one hand, it's (almost) my favorite holiday because tacky puns are so acceptable. On the other hand, I severely dislike the commodification of love. The beauty of connection is transformed into a shitty pile of cliché teddy bears and pink tinfoil.

These two songs both express those feelings. Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying gives voice to my disappointment in our cultural obsession with turning intangible experiences into items that can be bought and sold. Welcome to Heartbreak (in addition to being my favorite Kanye song and video) acts as a reminder that we need to separate substance from appearance – even though the two are painfully intertwined.

98% of Valentine's Day can basically suck it, in my opinion.

Haley's picks:

Something – The Beatles
Somebody to love – Queen

I've always thought Something was the most perfect love song. Every single part of that song is amazing. And as for Somebody to Love – What a power ballad! I can't tell you how many times I passionately sang that alone in my bedroom as a high schooler.

Kristen's picks:

Sweet Thing – Van Morrison

Adam and I danced to Sweet Thing at our wedding, so it's definitely my love song fave! Send My Love (To Your New Lover) is a favorite off of Adele's new album. Both are perfect picks for Valentine's vibes.

What are your favorite Valentine's songs? Are you more sweet and subdued with chocolates and flowers, or more stay at home for a cozy date night, or maybe more punch-Valentine's-Day-in-the-face and let the world burn?

Whichever it is, enjoy these picks and let us know your favorites!

– the Hoot Team