3 Easy Tips for Shooting a Professional Quality Video Series

So you want to shoot a video series.

Well, you're in luck!

I'm just coming off a big video shooting and editing spree after completing the production on Shape a Brand that Sells, our new ecourse.

To create the face-to-face coaching segments of this course, Avery, Kristen and I spent an entire action-packed day at the studio filming. Sun up to sun down! And since my background is not only in graphic design but also in film, I had the honor of filming, lighting, directing and editing all of the videos in Shape a Brand that Sells.

And today I want to give you some tips to help you shoot professional quality video series, too!

Use these 3 tips to create professional quality video series. | Hoot Design Co.

Here are three basic, easy tips to get you started.

1. Have a Script

You really want everything to sound natural but you also want to know what you’re going to say BEFORE the camera starts rolling. Having a script helps you make sure you've got all your content assembled in one place before you get started.

However, you don’t need to have anything memorized before you get started – and can even read line by line to help you sound more natural. 

Keep in mind that as an editor, it’s difficult to pick out the important information if it’s said differently for every take, so try to maintain consistency in volume and intonation. You also don’t want to see the finished product and realize you forgot to say something essential – so plan it out!

2. Don’t be Afraid to Look/Sound Silly

Chances are, you’re uncomfortable being on camera. No matter how many times you’ve practiced your Oscar acceptance speech, actually being on screen is a little scary. Nobody wants to look dumb.

But you know what? You will.

And that’s okay. You know what you’re talking about and people want to pay for what you have to say. So just do it!

3. Take Breaks

This seems obvious, but sometimes you get in the zone and forget that you haven’t peed for 5 hours.

So schedule in breaks! 

It’s important that your energy stays high the whole time. It is way too easy to seem bored on camera if your energy starts to lag. You're talking about something exciting and interesting, so you want to really sound and appear excited and interested!

One thing we did discover after putting it all together is that Avery and Kristen both got a lot of screen time in Shape a Brand that Sells. Yes, they are super cute – but there are other ways to get information across.

Taking the extra time and energy to create an extremely high-quality face-to-face course like Shape a Brand that Sells results in a higher-quality product, but for future ecourses we’re considering looking into doing more on-screen screencasts using programs like ScreenFlow or QuickTime. 

I hope this helps you get started making some great video content! 

– Haley