8 Hand Lettered Sans-Serifs that Will Make You Want to Let Your Hair Down

There's really something to be said for a casual hand lettered sans-serif. Handmade irregularities lend sans-serif typefaces a relaxed air that offsets any geometric proportions they may embrace.

Of course, hand lettered fonts are not the best option for some brands (you're never going to catch a hospital using one of the specimens below). But for artisan-style creatives or rustic restaurants a hand lettered vibe can really hit the spot.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite casual hand lettered sans-serifs that call out for you to let your hair down and stay awhile.

These casual hand lettered sans-serif fonts would be perfect for handmade artisan businesses or casual restaurants! | Hoot Design Co.

1. True North

True North is one of our current faves thanks to its strong geometric proportions combined with casual hand lettered details.

Find it: True North on Creative MarketTrue North from Cultivated Mind on MyFonts

2. Showcase Sans

Showcase Sans comes from a whole handmade family of typefaces by Latinotype. It's perfect for the way it embraces a clean aesthetic while maintaining a handmade vibe.

Find it: Showcase Family on Creative Market Latinotype website

3. Boho Sans

Boho Sans comes from another of Latinotype's handmade families. Like Showcase, the Boho family includes fun slab serifs as well as scripts. This font's tall, thin proportions offer a fun alternative to some of the heavier geometric sans serifs on our go-to list!

Find it: Boho Family on Creative Market Latinotype website

4. Harman Retro

You might be seeing a pattern here. Many of these great casual hand lettered sans-serifs come from font families that offer paired scripts, serifs, or slab serifs – well, Harman is no exception! Harman Retro has the proportional balance of Showcase with playful and endearing touches that shows it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Find it: Harman Family on Creative MarketAAType website

5. Vigneta

The great swashes on Vigneta's caps set it apart from other sans-serifs on this list. I've been hunting for a project to use this on for some time now!

Find it: Vigneta on Creative Market

6. Lulo One

Though it might not look too handmade at first glance, Lulo One actually has very fine textured edges that soften up its strong geometric proportions. This font hails from the super-stackable Lulo 3D family, but it's also available in a super clean version as well.

Find it: Lulo 3D Family on Creative MarketLulo Complete Family from Yellow Design Studio

7. Harman Sans

Harman Sans comes from the Harman family featured above from #4. Its thicker weight makes it sturdier alternative to Harman Retro.

Find it: Harman Family on Creative Market • AAType website

8. Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat nods to some of the chunky cut outs of Saul Bass's Hitchcock posters but embraces a softer look. I've been looking forward to using it for typographic posters or invites.

Find it: Jungle Cat on Creative MarketMia Charro website


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