FREE Branding Consultation

We have a special announcement, everyone: 

We're giving away one FREE hour of branding consultation. 

Whaaat? That's right: Us. You. Discussing and analyzing your brand. Why would we give away one of our core services for free?

I'll tell you!

One FREE branding consultation: One hour, you and us, talking about YOUR brand. Let's do this. | Hoot Design Co.

1. Free content gets results

We've seen incredible results when we give away content for free. Don't believe us? See here and here – we've gotten amazing engagement and feedback on the free content we've created for our clients and followers.

2. We're changing our direction. In a big way.

You might have noticed a social media BLITZ coming from us these last three months. That's because we've made a big switch here at Hoot: This summer, we decided to tone down our personal event design services and focus on our true passion: marketing, branding, and design for businesses.

By making this switch, we're following our passion. We're passionate about helping business owners grow their brand and take their business to the next level. And to reflect our switch, we've been tirelessly working to creating original, valuable content that we can give out to the world (thank you Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest communities!)

3. We gain insights

By giving away a free hour of consulting, we get to engage with our dream customer: You.

When we spend an hour learning about your business, your brand, your vision, and your challenges, we gain incredibly valuable insights. Investing time in thorough communication with small business owners helps us better understand what our clients need, want and don't understand. How can we best serve you? By understanding what we don't know. 

It's as simple as that. We want to spend an hour learning about your business, and in return, we'll tell you exactly what you need to know about your current brand: Where we see your brand's successes, challenges, and possibilities. We're not one for pulling punches.

We want to show you that we're here to listen, understand your business, and guide you through the challenges you face. We live by our philosophy

Know the company, create the brand, and grow with the business.

Ready to analyze your brand together? We are. We've set up a special consultation contact form for getting to know the basics about your business. Come check it out and take the first step toward business domination.

Lets get started!

Love KGB.

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