How We Boosted Our Branding Ed from Fail to Fabulous

We had a rough realization a few months ago: our go-to client strategy was a total fail. For years we'd given clients in-person run-throughs of how to use their brand and sent them home with additional resources. We thought what we were doing was enough – but in reality, our strategy wasn't making the cut.

Clients would consistently go off-brand by using unapproved colors, fonts, and tinkering with proportions. And as a result, the brand that we had worked so hard to build together would take a nosedive!

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Why weren't our strategies working? Where was the disconnect coming from?

We put our heads together to figure out exactly what wasn't getting across – and we realized that the materials we'd been providing simply weren't enough.

The format in which we'd been presenting brand education didn't fit our clients' needs. So we made a change.

We pinpointed the exact problem – and figured out how to address it. Now, we're going to show you exactly what our new solution looks like.

Ready for the big reveal? The video's below! Click to play 😊

What do you think?!

We've been so happy with our new strategy – and our clients have been, too. We've begun utilizing Home Base pages for every new client we've taken on, and working backward to give our past customers the same resources as well.

The essential mistake we'd been making for years:

We had been failing to tailor our materials to our clients' core motivations and capabilities.

Clients simply didn't have the time or access to get the information on how to use their brand when and where they needed it. And as a result, our brand education materials – those old, outdated style guides – were totally ineffective. So it's out with the old and in with the new and improved!

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We'd love to hear what you think about our new home base pages and learn what your most innovative strategies are. How do you critique your performance and find ways to improve?

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